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Mad About You: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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Product Code: Mad About You: The Complete Series DVD Box Set
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Mad About You: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

  • Package: 14 DVD Box Set

  • Category:  Comedy

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

  • Condition: Brand new & sealed

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  • Years: 1992 - 1999


        What do you know about love? What do you know about relationships and marriage? These guys know everything, because they just married and totally in love with each other. Paul and Jamie are young and nice couple, they just moved in New York. They try to make their marriage work and solve typical life problems. This sweet and kind sitcom for all family and all ages.

        Mad about you: the complete series DVD collection is one of the best TV-shows, good emotions, sincere characters and much more. Paul is filmmaker and Jamie is a public relation specialist, they are very different, but love and family value make them a team.

        This simple story about usual people and usual feelings, but in this relationship you always can find something for yourself. Many people around the world remember this TV-show, love it and watch it again and again. Mad about you it’s not just a TV-show this is warm and sweet comedy for you and your soul made or your closest friends. This one of the greatest love stories and comedies of all times.

        Cute and funny jokes, fascinating situations and sometimes hard times make you feel a part of this charming family. The Reiser are very young and independent family, they have a dog Murray. This pet is very funny and cool the TV guide readers choose it twice like “The most popular dog”; he is a star of this sitcom and have his own army of fans. However, another very interesting character of Mad about you is Paul’s mother Sylvia, she is not found of her daughter-in-low and sometimes makes her life hard, but happens that she shows that her attitude to Jamie is just a mask.

        Buy Mad about you: the complete series DVD collection and will be part of this very sweet and interesting show. The moments of this television program will be your favorite memories. Easy-going and entertaining watching for evening for everyone, no matter who you are doctor, lawyer, businessman or housewife. This TV-show for all time and age, it’s for your family and friends.

        Adventures of Paul and Jamie will rock your world; they will be your best friends.  They make you laugh, cry and watch with your mouth and heart open. The emotional play of actors, great plot and screenplay are unforgettable. Ironic situation and moments of closeness between main actors are very impressive. You will never forget this DVD box set on your shelf; this DVD collection will be in your top.

        Buy Mad about you and you will get 7 seasons and 164 episodes of humor, love and feelings. This DVD collection is the best choice for you.

Season 1

  1. Romantic Improvisations

  2. Sofa's Choice

  3. Sunday Times

  4. Out of the Past

  5. Paul in the Family

  6. I'm Just So Happy for You

  7. Token Friend

  8. The Apartment

  9. Riding Backwards

  10. Neighbors from Hell

  11. Met Someone

  12. Maid About You

  13. Togetherness

  14. Weekend Getaway

  15. The Wedding Affair

  16. Love Among the Tiles

  17. The Billionaire

  18. The Man Who Said Hello

  19. Swept Away

  20. The Spy Who Loved Me

  21. The Painter

  22. Happy Anniversary


Season 2

  1. Murray's Tale

  2. Bing, Bang, Boom

  3. Bedfellows

  4. Married to the Job

  5. So I Married a Hair Murderer

  6. The Unplanned Child

  7. Natural History

  8. Surprise

  9. A Pair of Hearts

  10. It's a Wrap

  11. Deconstructive Criticism (a.k.a. Edna Returns)

  12. Paul is Dead

  13. Same Time Next Week

  14. The Late Show

  15. Virtual Reality

  16. Cold Feet

  17. Instant Karma

  18. The Tape

  19. Love Letters

  20. The Last Scampi

  21. Disorientation

  22. Storms We Cannot Weather

  23. Up All Night

  24. With This Ring... (1)

  25. With This Ring... (2)


Season 3

  1. Escape from New York

  2. Home

  3. Till Death Do Us Part

  4. When I'm Sixty-Four

  5. Legacy

  6. Pandora's Box

  7. The Ride Home

  8. Giblets for Murray

  9. Once More with Feeling

  10. The City

  11. Our Fifteen Minutes

  12. How to Fall in Love

  13. Mad About You (1)

  14. Mad About You (2)

  15. Just My Dog

  16. The Alan Brady Show

  17. Mad Without You

  18. Purseona

  19. Two Tickets to Paradise

  20. Money Changes Everything

  21. Cake Fear

  22. My Boyfriend's Back

  23. Up in Smoke (1)

  24. Up in Smoke (2)


Season 4

  1. New Sleep-Walking PLUS

  2. The Parking Space

  3. The Test

  4. The Good, the Bad and the Not-So-Appealing

  5. I Don't See It

  6. Yoko Said

  7. An Angel for Murray

  8. The Couple

  9. New Year's Eve

  10. Ovulation Day

  11. Get Back

  12. Dream Weaver

  13. Hot and Cold

  14. Fertility

  15. Everybody Hates Me

  16. Do Me a Favor

  17. The Glue People

  18. The Sample

  19. The Procedure

  20. The Weed

  21. The Award

  22. The Finale (1)

  23. The Finale (2)

  24. The Finale (3)


Season 5

  1. Dr. Wonderful

  2. The Grant

  3. Therapy

  4. The Clip Show

  5. Burt's Building

  6. Jamie's Parents

  7. Outbreak

  8. Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge

  9. The Gym

  10. Chicken Man

  11. The Recital

  12. The Handyman

  13. Astrology

  14. The Penis

  15. Citizen Buchman

  16. Her Houseboy, Coco

  17. On the Road

  18. The Cockatoo

  19. The Touching Game

  20. The Dry Run

  21. Guardianhood

  22. The Feud

  23. The Birth (1)

  24. The Birth (2)


Season 6

  1. Coming Home

  2. Letters to Mabel

  3. Speed Baby

  4. Uncle Phil and the Coupons

  5. Moody Blues

  6. The Magic Pants

  7. Le Sex Show

  8. The New Friend

  9. The Conversation

  10. Breastfeeding

  11. Good Old Reliable Nathan

  12. Separate Planes

  13. Cheating on Sheila

  14. Back to Work

  15. The Second Mrs. Buchman

  16. The Coin of Destiny

  17. The Caper

  18. The Baby Video

  19. Fire at Riff's

  20. Mother's Day

  21. Paul Slips in the Shower

  22. Nat & Arley

  23. The Finale


Season 7

  1. Season Opener

  2. A Pain in the Neck

  3. Tragedy Plus Time

  4. There's a Puma in the Kitchen

  5. The Silent Show

  6. Weekend in L.A.

  7. The Thanksgiving Show

  8. The Buried Fight

  9. Farmer Buchman

  10. Win a Free Car

  11. The Honeymoon

  12. Valentine's Day

  13. Virtual Reality II

  14. Uncle Phil Goes Back to High School

  15. Murray at the Dog Show

  16. Millennium Bug

  17. Separate Beds

  18. Stealing Burt's Car

  19. Paved with Good Intentions

  20. The Dirty Little Secret

  21. The Final Frontier (1)

  22. The Final Frontier (2)

Series cast summary:

Paul Reiser

Paul Reiser - Paul Buchman


Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt - Jamie Stemple Buchman


John Pankow

John Pankow - Ira Buchman


Leila Kenzle

Leila Kenzle - Fran Devanow


Anne Ramsay

Anne Ramsay - Lisa Stemple



Maui - Murray


Cynthia Harris

Cynthia Harris - Sylvia Buchman


Louis Zorich

Louis Zorich - Burt Buchman


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