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Highway to Heaven: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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Product Code: Highway to Heaven: The Complete Series DVD Box Set
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Highway to Heaven: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete 5 Seasons
  • Number Of Episodes: All Uncut Episodes
  • Package: 25 DVD Box Set
  • Category: Action
  • Format: Full Screen
  • Audio Track: English
  • Compartibility: Region 1,Region 2 and Region  4

Originally airing between 1984 to 1989, Highway to Heaven was a distinctly different television drama.

Following the adventures and weekly tribulations of heaven sent angel Jonathan Smith, the show echoed the synopsis of later shows such as Quantum Leap, as Smith played by Micheal Landon, attempted to help different weekly characters through different forms of life-related adversities.

Series Synopsis & Appeal

A hit favorite among younger and older viewers alike, Highway to Heaven saw angel Jonathan Smith and his human costar, Mark Gordon, take orders from “The Boss” which would lead them to help everyone from people coping with loss to various different drifters.

Marrying at times epic drama with distinct poignancy, Highway to Heaven would see Smith and Gordon arrive in a new city in each episode, where their first objective would be to assume new identities and seek out the individuals whom they had been tasked with helping. Being able to present themselves as everyone from high flying business people to teachers and policemen, each show witnessed Smith and Gordon meet a variety of new challenges and dramatic situations. Meanwhile, if ever things got too heated, both could usually call on “The Stuff” to aid them.

Ratings & Awards

Epic in scope and ahead of its time in many ways, Highway to Heaven was nominated for a variety of prime-time Emmy Awards. Winning an Emmy for best young actress in 1989 for the shows teenage star Devon Odessa, Highway to Heaven is still a staunch favorite of many viewers, hence its later influence on popular classics such as Quantum Leap and Touched by an Angel.

The Highway to Heaven DVD Box Set

Now available to own in the series entirety on DVD, you too can now rediscover Highway to Heaven and the inspiration behind many more seminal television classics. This being the case, make sure to add the show to your home DVD collection today.

Add this epic television drama to your DVD collection.

You will surely be in heaven! The unstoppable duo from “Little House on the Prairie”, Michael Landon and Victor French are back in this wonderful drama series, Highway to Heaven. The protagonist, Jonathan Smith played by Michael Landon is nothing less but an angel sent from heaven to Earth “on probation”. The only thing he can think about is how to come back. However it’s a tough call, as he must do enough good deeds on Earth to earn God’s forgiveness. Luckily he is not alone in his wanderings to deliver love, peace, and justice. Jonathan and his ex-cop human partner Mark Gordon from Oakland carry out various “missions” sent directly from God himself. Struggling with their own issues and problems, they still try to help other lost souls. The task is not easy, because they cannot fail God. Helping others reveals their best human qualities and sometimes divine intervention saves the day.

Each episode of this spectacular drama series is full of humor yet deep meaning, depicting eternal problems of humanity: love and hatred, bitterness, sickness and pain, good will, greed and generosity. Both heroes often fight social injustice and racial prejudices as well. The essential theme of this series is evidently never-lasting and merciless war between good and evil sides of our world. Amazing actor play doubtlessly adds to the genuine atmosphere of old school truth seeking adventures and searching for the greater good. Usually emotionally charged, these short stories always leave positive feelings at the end, making you think and bring up endless discussion topics. It’s true for sure, Jonathan and Mark definitely don’t need to be reminded them that life is still worth living if only we give each other a helping hand. Will so unlike heroes become best friends, or Jonathan finds his way back to heaven?

The complete 5 Seasons DVD collection of this amazing drama series hides all the answers. Watching Highway to Heaven DVD set is a great way to spend cozy warm evenings with your family or friends, making them full of adventures and fun.

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