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Miami Vice: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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Miami Vice: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

  • Seasons: Miami Vice All 111 Episodes

  • Region 1 For shipment to North America, Region 2 For shipment to Europe and Region 4 For shipment to Australia / New Zeiland

  • Package: Miami Vice DVD Box Set

  • Category: Action | Drama

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

  • Optional Subtitles: English, Spanish

  • Condition: Brand new

  • Years: 1984 - 1989

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This show has legendary status between detectives TV-show, because of his brand new style of filming, interesting and unusual soundtracks that make atmosphere of Miami Vice. Fascinating criminal cases with funny jokes and satirical situations. This TV-show one of the most recognizable classics of the 1980’s, Miami Vice was the police drama with a distinct difference.

Incorporating classic elements such as car chases and detective intrigue with popular culture and music, the show appealed to a much wider variety of audiences than any similar drama. This being the case, Miami Vice has been hailed as one of audiences all-time favorite police dramas.

Following the day to day trials and tribulations of detectives James ‘Sonny’ Crockett and Ricardo ‘Rico’ Tubbs, Miami Vice revolved around the pair combatting everything from prostitution to Miami-based drug trafficking. Episodes were in this case often hard hitting and complemented by larger than life characters. This DVD collection telling us about real heroes of American society, police officers that can lose everything, even their lives. Brave, confident and sincere characters made Miami Vice favorite TV-show for many families.  

However, the often-epic appeal of Miami Vice went far beyond just exceptional writing and ongoing plot developments. Instead, the cinematography used in the show was also distinctive, in that, it drew inspiration from New Wave and MTV pop culture influences. At the same time, this DVD box set managed to sensationalize Miami itself, to the point that the sun-kissed city became just as much a star of the show as leading actors charming Don Johnson and charismatic Philip Michael Thomas.

Multi-Emmy, Golden Globe, People’s Choice and Grammy Award winning, Miami Vice was highly rated throughout the time it was broadcast. Combining boat chases with gunfights and incredible writing, the show then went on to secure itself as one of television best loved and most often revisited dramas. People all around the world love it; buy Miami Vice the complete series for your own home collection. This TV series on DVD also will be an amazing gift for your friends and relatives.

These guys will make you laugh and worry, love and hate. That legendary DVD box set tell you about dangerous work of police officer undercover.

Miami Vice now available for you to own on DVD, you too can now revisit the hit show, which spurred the likes of the 2006 feature film and a variety of similar shows. Buy Miami Vice DVD box set and you will get all 5 seasons, 111 episodes on DVD.


Season 1

  1. Heart of Darkness

  2. Cool Runnin'

  3. The Hit List

  4. Calderon's Demise

  5. One-Eyed Jack

  6. No Exit

  7. The Great McCarthy

  8. Glades

  9. Give a Little, Take a Little

  10. Little Prince

  11. The Milk Run

  12. The Golden Triangle (1)

  13. The Golden Triangle (2)

  14. Smuggler's Blues

  15. Rites of Passage

  16. The Maze

  17. Made for Each Other

  18. The Home Invaders

  19. Nobody Lives Forever

  20. Evan

  21. Lombard


Season 2

  1. The Prodigal Son

  2. Whatever Works

  3. Out Where the Buses Don't Run

  4. The Dutch Oven

  5. Buddies

  6. Junk Love

  7. Tale of the Goat

  8. Bushido

  9. Bought and Paid For

  10. Back in the World

  11. Phil the Shill

  12. Definitely Miami

  13. Yankee Dollar

  14. One Way Ticket

  15. Little Miss Dangerous

  16. Florence, Italy

  17. French Twist

  18. The Fix

  19. Payback

  20. Free Verse

  21. Trust Fund Pirates

  22. Sons and Lovers


Season 3

  1. When Irish Eyes are Crying

  2. Stone's War

  3. Killshot

  4. Walk Alone

  5. The Good Collar

  6. Shadow in the Dark

  7. El Viejo

  8. Better Living Through Chemistry

  9. Baby Blues

  10. Street Wise

  11. Forgive Us Our Debts

  12. Down for the Count (1)

  13. Down for the Count (2)

  14. Cuba Libre

  15. Duty and Honor (a.k.a. The Savage)

  16. Theresa

  17. The Afternoon Plane

  18. Lend Me an Ear

  19. Red Tape

  20. By Hooker By Crook

  21. Knock, Knock, Who's There?

  22. Viking Bikers from Hell

  23. Everybody's in Show Biz

  24. Heroes of the Revolution


Season 4

  1. Contempt of Court

  2. Amen... Send Money

  3. Death and the Lady

  4. The Big Thaw

  5. Child's Play

  6. God's Work

  7. Missing Hours

  8. Like a Hurricane

  9. The Rising Sun of Death

  10. Love at First Sight

  11. A Rock and a Hard Place

  12. The Cows of October

  13. Vote of Confidence

  14. Baseballs of Death

  15. Indian Wars

  16. Honor Among Thieves?

  17. Hell Hath No Fury...

  18. Badge of Dishonor

  19. Blood and Roses

  20. A Bullet for Crockett

  21. Deliver Us from Evil (1)

  22. Mirror Image (2)


Season 5

  1. Hostile Takeover (3)

  2. Redemption in Blood (4)

  3. Heart of Night

  4. Bad Timing

  5. Borrasca

  6. Line of Fire

  7. Asian Cut

  8. Hard Knocks

  9. Fruit of the Poison Tree

  10. To Have and to Hold (a.k.a. Second Chance)

  11. Miami Squeeze

  12. Jack of All Trades

  13. The Cell Within

  14. The Lost Madonna

  15. Over the Line

  16. Victims of Circumstance

  17. Freefall

  18. World of Trouble

  19. Miracle Man

  20. Leap of Faith

  21. Too Much, Too Late

Series cast summary:

Don Johnson

Don Johnson - Detective James Crockett


Philip Michael Thomas

Philip Michael Thomas - Detective Ricardo Tubbs


Saundra Santiago

Saundra Santiago - Detective Gina Calabrese


Olivia Brown

Olivia Brown - Detective Trudy Joplin


Michael Talbott

Michael Talbott - Detective Stan Switek


Edward James Olmos

Edward James Olmos - Lieutenant Martin Castillo


John Diehl

John Diehl - Det. Larry Zito


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