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Nash Bridges: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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Product Code: Nash Bridges Complete 6 Seasons
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Nash Bridges: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete Series​​
  • Number Of Episodes: All Uncut Episodes
  • Package: 24 DVD Box Set
  • Category: Action
  • ​Format: Full Screen
  • Audio Track: English
  • Compartability: You should know that during the registration of your order we will check compatibility to your region and will send your order according to your region. Region 1 For shipment to North America, Region 2 For shipment to Europe and Region 4 For shipment to Australia / New Zeiland
  • Condition: Brand new & sealed
  • Years: 1996 - 2001

        He is wonderful and strong men, he has old car and great heart. Every his case is a masterpiece of investigation art. Nash Bridges is epic detective story about charming and handsome police officer, that make every investigation like fascinating adventures. Nash is middle-aged, twice divorced and tempered person. His life is line of unexpected turns of fate and dangerous moments.

        This DVD box set is amazing illustration of great detective television program. That TV-show has many hilarious jokes and unexpected situations that make your evenings, holidays and even workdays much happier. The main character is extraordinary person; he has his own methods of investigation and cute partner. This charismatic duo can solve any crime in San Francisco and every their move its part of plan.

Nash’s life looks like an epic novel with adventures, love affairs and shootings. This DVD collection is nice present for fans of classical detective TV-shows such as Miami Vice, Magnum P.I., Harry O and Columbo. These and other TV-shows are wonderful and legendary detective stories. Every episode has a fascinating plot and amazing crime, that not so easy to solve. However, for our main hero is not a problem, he finds solution in every situation. His methods are unique and extraordinary, every his move is an example of great confidence and wonderful mind. Nash Bridges has elegant style and charisma no matter what enemies say. When his bright yellow Plymouth Barracuda show on the San Francisco’s streets, criminal know that their troubles just started.

        This strong police officer and his terrific sense of humor make millions of woman fall in love immediately. Popularity of this DVD box set and high quality made this TV-show one of the greatest in American history. This item is perfect choice for present or home using. If you buy Nash Bridges today, you will have amazing DVD collection that makes you laugh, love, worry and even cry. This TV-show for people who can think and feel, for people who can love.

        Buy Nash Bridges: The Complete Series DVD Box Set and you will be happy owner of this extremely interesting and high-quality TV-show. Make your order on the best detective story and you will never be sorry about it. This unbelievably good TV-show is really one of the best work of the great actors, screenwriters and producers. Buy Nash Bridges and you will get all 6 seasons, 122 episodes.


Season 1

  1. Genesis

  2. Home Invasion

  3. Skirt Chasers

  4. High Impact

  5. The Javelin Catcher

  6. Vanishing Act

  7. Aloha, Nash

  8. Key Witness


Season 2

  1. Internal Affairs

  2. Til Death Do Us Part

  3. The Great Escape

  4. Wrecking Crew

  5. Trackdown

  6. The Brothers McMillan

  7. Night Train

  8. Zodiac

  9. Leo's Big Score

  10. Hit Parade

  11. Promised Land

  12. 25 Hours of Christmas

  13. Road Work

  14. Inside Out

  15. The Counterfeiters

  16. The Web

  17. Knockout

  18. Gun Play

  19. Rampage

  20. Out of Chicago

  21. Moving Target

  22. Wild Card

  23. Deliverance


Season 3

  1. Lost and Found

  2. Payback

  3. Shake, Rattle and Roll

  4. One Flew Over the 'Cuda's Nest

  5. Blackout

  6. Ripcord

  7. Sniper

  8. Revelations

  9. Most Wanted

  10. Bombshell

  11. Found Money

  12. Dirty Tricks

  13. Crossfire

  14. Live Shot

  15. Downtime

  16. Skin Deep

  17. Patriots

  18. Cuda Gráce

  19. Lady Killer

  20. Danger Zone

  21. Special Delivery

  22. Touchdown

  23. Sacraments


Season 4

  1. High Fall

  2. Impostors

  3. Hot Prowler

  4. Overdrive

  5. Apocalypse Nash

  6. The Tourist

  7. Swingers

  8. Warplay

  9. Firestorm

  10. Hardball

  11. Mystery Dance

  12. Shoot the Moon

  13. Gimme Shelter

  14. Superstition

  15. Resurrection

  16. Pump Action

  17. Hide and Seek

  18. Boomtown

  19. Angel of Mercy

  20. Power Play

  21. Vendetta

  22. Crash & Burn

  23. Frisco Blues

  24. Goodbye Kiss


Season 5

  1. Truth and Consequences

  2. Trade Off

  3. Smash and Grab

  4. Girl Trouble

  5. High Society

  6. Curveball

  7. Split Decision

  8. Get Bananas

  9. Crosstalk

  10. Kill Switch

  11. Rip Off

  12. Skin Trade

  13. Liar's Poker

  14. El Diablo

  15. Hit and Run

  16. Cop Out

  17. Line of Sight

  18. Heist

  19. Hard Cell

  20. Missing Key

  21. Jackpot (1)

  22. Jackpot (2)


Season 6

  1. Rock and a Hard Place

  2. Jump Start

  3. Lap Dance

  4. Land Pirates

  5. ManHunt

  6. Double Trouble

  7. End Game

  8. Blowout

  9. The Messenger

  10. Grave Robbers

  11. Bear Trap

  12. Slam Dunk

  13. Recover Me

  14. Something Borrowed

  15. Out of Miami

  16. The Partner

  17. Blood Bots

  18. Quack Fever

  19. Kill Joy

  20. Change Up

  21. Cat Fight

  22. Fair Game

Series cast summary:

Don Johnson

Don Johnson - Insp. Nash Bridges


Jodi Lyn O'Keefe

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe - Cassidy Bridges


Jeff Perry

Jeff Perry - Insp. Harvey Leek


Peggy Sandow

Peggy Sandow - Officer Peggy


Cheech Marin

Cheech Marin - Insp. Joe Dominguez


Jaime Gomez

Jaime Gomez - Insp. Evan Cortez


James Gammon

James Gammon - Nick Bridges


Ronald Russell

Ronald Russell - Officer Ronnie


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