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Boston Public: The Complete Series DVD Collection

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Product Code: Boston Public: The Complete Series DVD Collection
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Boston Public The Complete Series DVD Collection

  • Number Of Seasons: Complete 4 Seasons

  • Number Of Episodes: All 81 Uncut Episodes

  • Package: 15 DVD Box Set

  • Category: Drama Comedy

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

  • Compartability: Region 1 For shipment to North America, Region 2 For shipment to Europe and Region 4 For shipment to Australia / New Zeiland

  • Condition: Brand new & sealed

  • Years: 2000 - 2004


        This public school is common and normal, from the first sight of course. However, inside this usual building you can find passion, problems, violence and even more. This story about teachers and student at school. This story about who trying to do their student a better people day after day. Boston Public is not a stupid teenage story; this story makes you cry, laugh, fear and love. Millions of fans all around the world already know that this TV-show is the best; now it’s your turn to know that. This dramatic and charming story is for everyone.

        This unique TV-show is so interesting and can make your evenings are unforgettable. This television program is about teenage problems and lives. The group of teachers are trying to solve every problem of their students and make them much better with the every single episode. The strict principal Steven Harper is very responsible and brave character. He not afraid of difficulties and young criminals, he tries to protect his school and students from the violence of the streets. The logo of Boston public is “Every day is a fight. For respect. For dignity. For sanity” and this logo about the nature of the main hero. Every day of his life is the fight for his ideals.

        This DVD collection is about love, pain, friendship and hard life situations. This about hard work of teachers and hard life of common students from the bad area. This school is safe place and home for kids with abusive parents and criminal problems. This TV-show is the way to understand that our life is full of difficulties and problems and sometimes we should think about people that around us. Sometimes we need someone who will help us to go through some hard periods of time and for those kids from Winslow High School are their teachers.

        Buy Boston Public: The complete series DVD collection is the best choice for you and yours friends or relatives. The great plot of this DVD box set and amazing cast make this show wonderful and legendary. The Watch and Listen made a global poll of the top of greatest TV-shows and Boston Public took the first place, millions of people all around the world vote for this amazing television program. So much interesting moments and characters that are so sharp and sincere. That DVD box set is one of the greatest TV-shows in the history of world TV culture.

        Boston public DVD collection consist of 4 seasons, 81 uncut episodes on 15 DVDs. Buy it for yourself, and this DVD box set will be the star of your home video collection.


Season 1

  1. Chapter One

  2. Chapter Two

  3. Chapter Three

  4. Chapter Four

  5. Chapter Five

  6. Chapter Six

  7. Chapter Seven

  8. Chapter Eight

  9. Chapter Nine

  10. Chapter Ten

  11. Chapter Eleven

  12. Chapter Twelve

  13. Chapter Thirteen (2)

  14. Chapter Fourteen

  15. Chapter Fifteen

  16. Chapter Sixteen

  17. Chapter Seventeen

  18. Chapter Eighteen

  19. Chapter Nineteen

  20. Chapter Twenty

  21. Chapter Twenty-One

  22. Chapter Twenty-Two


Season 2

  1. Chapter Twenty-Three

  2. Chapter Twenty-Four

  3. Chapter Twenty-Five

  4. Chapter Twenty-Six

  5. Chapter Twenty-Seven

  6. Chapter Twenty-Eight

  7. Chapter Twenty-Nine

  8. Chapter Thirty

  9. Chapter Thirty-One

  10. Chapter Thirty-Two

  11. Chapter Thirty-Three

  12. Chapter Thirty-Four

  13. Chapter Thirty-Five

  14. Chapter Thirty-Six

  15. Chapter Thirty-Seven

  16. Chapter Thirty-Eight

  17. Chapter Thirty-Nine

  18. Chapter Forty

  19. Chapter Forty-One

  20. Chapter Forty-Two

  21. Chapter Forty-Three

  22. Chapter Forty-Four


Season 3

  1. Chapter Forty-Five

  2. Chapter Forty-Six

  3. Chapter Forty-Seven

  4. Chapter Forty-Eight

  5. Chapter Forty-Nine

  6. Chapter Fifty

  7. Chapter Fifty-One

  8. Chapter Fifty-Two

  9. Chapter Fifty-Three

  10. Chapter Fifty-Four

  11. Chapter Fifty-Five

  12. Chapter Fifty-Six

  13. Chapter Fifty-Seven

  14. Chapter Fifty-Eight

  15. Chapter Fifty-Nine

  16. Chapter Sixty

  17. Chapter Sixty-One

  18. Chapter Sixty-Two

  19. Chapter Sixty-Three

  20. Chapter Sixty-Four

  21. Chapter Sixty-Five

  22. Chapter Sixty-Six


Season 4

  1. Chapter Sixty-Seven

  2. Chapter Sixty-Eight

  3. Chapter Sixty-Nine

  4. Chapter Seventy

  5. Chapter Seventy-One

  6. Chapter Seventy-Two

  7. Chapter Seventy-Three

  8. Chapter Seventy-Four

  9. Chapter Seventy-Five

  10. Chapter Seventy-Six

  11. Chapter Seventy-Seven

  12. Chapter Seventy-Eight

  13. Chapter Seventy-Nine

  14. Chapter Eighty

  15. Chapter Eighty-One

Series cast summary:

Chi McBride

Chi McBride - Steven Harper


Anthony Heald

Anthony Heald - Scott Guber


Loretta Devine

Loretta Devine - Marla Hendricks


Sharon Leal

Sharon Leal - Marilyn Sudor


Fyvush Finkel

Fyvush Finkel - Harvey Lipschultz


Jeri Ryan

Jeri Ryan - Ronnie Cooke


Michael Rapaport

Michael Rapaport - Danny Hanson


Nicky Katt

Nicky Katt - Harry Senate


Jessalyn Gilsig

Jessalyn Gilsig - Lauren Davis


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