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Duckman: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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Product Code: Duckman: The Complete Series DVD Box Set
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Duckman: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete 4 Seasons

  • Number Of Episodes: All 70 Uncut Episodes

  • Package: 10 DVD Box Set

  • Category: Comedy/Cartoon

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

  • Compartability: You should know that during the registration of your order we will check compatibility to your region and will send your order according to your region. Region 1 For shipment to North America, Region 2 For shipment to Europe and Region 4 For shipment to Australia / New Zeiland

  • Condition: Brand new & sealed

  • Years: 1994 - 1997


This cartoon not for your kids, this TV-show is totally for adults. Duckman is cartoon about violence, sex, hard life situations and much more. This animation film is for people, who wants to laugh at common life’s problems and stupid situations. Sometimes adult life is complicated and tough, but there always should be some time for laugh and irony.

Duckman or Eric Tiberius Duckman is lazy, stupid, and unconfident, without moral principles sexual deviant. This bad duck is private investigator his methods are unbelievably stupid and ineffective, he takes as many cases as possible, because he need to pay television bills and earn many for his family. His First wife Beatrice was a very beautiful and kind person; she is a mother of Duckman’s three kids. However, many years ago, she died in accident, and now we can see her only in memories of main characters. Eric still loves her so much and fell guilty when seeing other people.

Eric Duckman has three sons, the oldest is Ajax he is a very sensitive and complicated person, and he deeply loves his father and wants to spend more time with him. Ajax is a very creative person he wrote poems, created sculptures out of cheese and even sing and play the harp. Two others sons are Mambo and Charles. This two are Conjoined twin, they have separate heads and share one body. They have separate anatomy and just share one kidney and lungs. Charles and Mambo have a hard nature and think that their father is inadequate and subpar, but anyway they love him, and sometimes even talk about it with Ajax.

Also, very important character is Bernice; she is the sister of Beatrice and moved with the Duckman family after the death of her sister. She wants to help raise her nephews and loving them so much, but deeply hates Duckman. She is fan of healthy life and fitness and she is in amazing shape.

This cartoon about all bed things that we have in our society offensive worlds, violence and sexual problems. This satirical TV-show with the deep mining and funny jokes is the father of all your favorite adult cartoons, such as Futurama, Family Guy, South Park, American Dad and The Venture Bros.

Buy Duckman: The Complete Series DVD Box Set and you will have this perfect example of classical cartoon for adults. This also can be a good present for your friends or relatives. Duckman is the one from the greatest TV-show in the American pop-culture.

This DVD collection consist of 4 seasons, 70 uncut episodes on 10 DVDs. Buy DVD box set and have all jokes and comedy situations on your home screen.

Season 1

  1. I, Duckman

  2. T.V. or Not to Be

  3. Gripes of Wrath

  4. Psyche

  5. Gland of Opportunity

  6. Ride the High School

  7. A Civil War

  8. Not So Easy Riders

  9. It's the Thing of the Principal

  10. Cellar Beware

  11. American Dick

  12. About Face

  13. Joking the Chicken


Season 2

  1. Papa Oom M.O.W. M.O.W.

  2. Married Alive

  3. Days of Whining and Neurosis

  4. Inherit the Judgment: The Dope's Trial

  5. America the Beautiful

  6. The Germ Turns

  7. In the Nam of the Father

  8. Research and Destroy

  9. Clip Job


Season 3

  1. Noir Gang

  2. Forbidden Fruit

  3. Grandma-ma's Flatulent Adventure

  4. Color of Naught

  5. Sperms of Endearment

  6. A Room with a Bellevue

  7. Apocalypse Not

  8. Clear and Presidente Danger

  9. The Girls of Route Canal

  10. The Mallardian Candidate

  11. Pig Amok

  12. The Once and Future Duck

  13. The One with Lisa Kudrow in a Small Role

  14. Aged Heat

  15. They Craved Duckman's Brain!

  16. The Road to Dendron

  17. Exile in Guyville

  18. The Longest Weekend

  19. The Amazing Colossal Duckman

  20. Cock Tales for Four


Season 4

  1. Dammit, Hollywood

  2. Coolio Runnings

  3. Aged Heat 2: Women in Heat

  4. All About Elliott

  5. From Brad to Worse

  6. Bonfire of the Panties

  7. Role With It

  8. Ajax and Ajaxer

  9. With Friends Like These

  10. A Trophied Duck

  11. A Star is Abhorred

  12. Bev Takes a Holiday

  13. Love! Anger! Kvetching!

  14. Duckman and Cornfed in 'Haunted Society Plumbers'

  15. Ebony, Baby

  16. Vuuck, as in Duck

  17. Crime, Punishment, War, Peace, and the Idiot

  18. Kidney, Popsicle, and Nuts

  19. The Tami Show

  20. My Feral Lady

  21. Westward, No!

  22. Short, Plush and Deadly

  23. How to Suck in Business Without Really Trying

  24. You've Come a Wrong Way, Baby

  25. Hamlet 2: This Time It's Personal

  26. Das Sub (a.k.a. Class Warfare)

  27. Where No Duckman Has Gone Before

  28. Four Weddings Inconceivable

Series cast summary:

Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander - Eric Duckman


Gregg Berger

Gregg Berger - Cornfed Pig


Nancy Travis

Nancy Travis - Bernice


Dweezil Zappa

Dweezil Zappa - Ajax


Elizabeth Daily

Elizabeth Daily - Mambo


Pat Musick

Pat Musick - Fluffy


Dana Hill

Dana Hill - Charles


Walt Reno Jr.

Walt Reno Jr. - Teacher


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