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Perfect Strangers: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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Product Code: Perfect Strangers: The Complete Series DVD Box Set
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Perfect Strangers: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

  • Number Of Seasons:Complete 8 Seasons

  • Number Of Episodes: All 150 Uncut Episodes

  • Package: 24 DVD Box Set

  • Category: Comedy Sitcom

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

  • Compartability: Region 1 For shipment to North America, Region 2 For shipment to Europe and Region 4 For shipment to Australia / New Zeiland

  • Condition: Brand new & sealed

  • Years: 1986 - 1993


For many, the 1980’s and 1990’s were the greatest years in television history for the humble sitcom. Moreover, with the show building on the popularity of similarly highly rated series such as Mork & Mindy, Perfect Strangers is no exception to this rule.

Set in Chicago, Perfect Strangers chronicled the eclectic and often humorously tumultuous relationship between lead character Larry Appleton, played by Mark Linn-Baker, and his distant cousin Balki Bartokomous (Bronson Pinchot).

Series Storyline & Appeal

With the series opening with Larry moving into his first apartment, the laughs start from the get go as Larry is both shocked and bewildered to realize that he will be cohabiting with his Mediterranean cousin Balki. However, Perfect Strangers didn’t become one of the greatest comedies of the 20th Century, simply by exploring Larry and Balki’s dysfunctional relationship.

Rather, with him having only a basic (and for the most part MTV  imbued) understanding of American customs, Balki as a small island shepherd has to be introduced by his cousin Larry to every aspect of life in Chicago. The only problem is that the more Larry tries to Americanize Balki, the less he himself realizes he knows about everyday customs, idioms, and American culture overall.

Awards & Ratings

Nominated for several prime time Emmy Awards and holding its own for several seasons as the anchoring show of ABC's original TGIF Friday evening  lineup, Perfect Strangers is still considered one of the best comedies of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Highly strung and cynical to the extreme, Perfect Strangers appealed to both family and adult audiences, leading to the comedy to the show becoming a much loved, multigenerational favorite.

The Perfect Strangers Complete Series DVD Box Set

Straight from the creators of Mork and Mindy and Laverne & Shirley, Perfect Strangers can now be yours to own courtesy of the world’s first unabridged DVD series box set. Featuring all 150 uncut episodes, you and the world’s favorite 80’s and 90’s sitcom needn’t be strangers any longer. This being the case, make sure to get your copy today.

Season 1

  1. Knock Knock, Who's There?

  2. Picture This

  3. First Date

  4. Baby, You Can Drive My Car

  5. Check This

  6. Happy Birthday, Baby


Season 2

  1. Hello Baby

  2. Hunks Like Us

  3. The Unnatural

  4. Ladies and Germs

  5. Lifesavers

  6. Babes in Babylon

  7. Falling in Love is...

  8. Two Men and a Cradle

  9. Can I Get a Witness?

  10. The Rent Strike

  11. A Christmas Story

  12. Dog Gone Blues

  13. Since I Lost My Baby

  14. Trouble in Paradise

  15. Beautiful Dreamer

  16. Tux for Two

  17. Ten Speed and a Soft Touch

  18. Snow Way to Treat a Lady (1)

  19. Snow Way to Treat a Lady (2)

  20. Up on a Roof

  21. Get a Job

  22. Hello Elaine


Season 3

  1. All News That Fits

  2. Weigh to Go Buddy

  3. Sexual Harrassment in Chicago

  4. Taking Stock

  5. Better Shop Around

  6. Your Cheatin' Heart

  7. The Horn Blows at Midnight

  8. Karate Kids

  9. Night School Confidential

  10. Future Shock

  11. Coach Potato

  12. The Break In

  13. To Be or Not to Be

  14. My Lips Are Sealed

  15. The Pen Pal

  16. Just Desserts

  17. Pipe Dreams

  18. Bye Bye Biki

  19. The Graduate

  20. Defiant Guys

  21. My Brother, Myself

  22. You Gotta Have Friends


Season 4

  1. The Lottery

  2. Assertive Training

  3. Aliens

  4. Piano Movers

  5. High Society

  6. Up a Lazy River (1)

  7. Up a Lazy River (2)

  8. College Bound

  9. The Gift of the Mypiot

  10. Maid to Order

  11. That Old Gang of Mine

  12. Crimebusters

  13. Games People Play

  14. Come Fly with Me

  15. Blind Alley

  16. The King and I

  17. Prose and Cons

  18. Car Wars

  19. Just a Gigolo

  20. Seven Card Studs

  21. Teacher's Pest

  22. Wedding Bell Blues


Season 5

  1. Good Skates

  2. Lie-Ability

  3. The Newsletter

  4. Tooth or Consequences

  5. Dog Day Mid-Afternoon

  6. Poetry in Motion

  7. Father Knows Best (1)

  8. Father Knows Best (2)

  9. Hello Ball

  10. Almost Live from Chicago

  11. Home Movies

  12. Everybody in the Pool

  13. Because They're Cousins

  14. Disorderly Orderlies

  15. The Selling of Mypos

  16. Nightmare Vacation

  17. Three's a Crowd

  18. Blast from the Past

  19. He's the Boss

  20. Here Comes the Judge

  21. This Old House

  22. Eyewitless Reports

  23. Bye, Bye Birdie

  24. Digging Up the News


Season 6

  1. Safe at Home

  2. New Kid on the Block

  3. The Break Up

  4. A Horse is a Horse

  5. Family Feud

  6. Call Me Indestructible

  7. The Men Who Knew Too Much (1)

  8. The Men Who Knew Too Much (2)

  9. The Ring

  10. Black Widow

  11. Sunshine Boys

  12. Hocus Pocus

  13. Finders Keepers

  14. Grandpa

  15. Little Apartment of Horrors

  16. I Saw This on TV

  17. Speak Memory

  18. Out of Sync

  19. See How They Run

  20. Climb Every Billboard

  21. A Catered Affair

  22. Duck Soup

  23. Great Balls of Fire

  24. See You in September


Season 7

  1. Bachelor Party

  2. The Wedding

  3. This New House

  4. Door to Door

  5. Weekend at Ferdinand's

  6. Fright Night

  7. The Gazebo

  8. Citizenship (1)

  9. Citizenship (2)

  10. Wild Turkey

  11. Dimitri's World

  12. Car Tunes

  13. Two Angry Men

  14. Missing

  15. Going Once, Going Twice

  16. Yes Sir, That's My Baby

  17. Wayne Man

  18. The Elevator

  19. The Play's the Thing

  20. Stress Test

  21. Or Get Off the Pot (1)

  22. Chicago Suite (2)

  23. It Had to Be You (1)

  24. Get Me to the Dump on Time (2)


Season 8

  1. The Baby Shower

  2. After Hours

  3. Lethal Weapon

  4. Baby Quiz

  5. Up, Up and Away (1)

  6. Up, Up and Away (2)

Complete series cast summary:

Bronson Pinchot

Bronson Pinchot - Balki Bartokomous


Mark Linn-Baker

Mark Linn-Baker - Larry Appleton


Melanie Wilson

Melanie Wilson - Jennifer


Rebeca Arthur

Rebeca Arthur - Mary Anne


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