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Barney Miller: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

Barney Miller: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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Product Code: Barney Miller: Complete Series DVD Box Set
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Barney Miller The Complete 8 Seasons & 168 Uncut Episodes DVD Collection

  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete 8 Seasons

  • Number Of Episodes: All 168 Uncut Episodes

  • Package: 23 DVD Box Set

  • Category: Comedy

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

  • Compartability: Region 1 For shipment to North America, Region 2 For shipment to Europe and Region 4 For shipment to Australia / New Zeiland

  • Condition: Brand new & sealed

  • Years: 1975 - 1982


         This TV-show can be your best friend or close relative. This magnificent sitcom about police and extraordinary Captain Barney Miller. Father of all your favorite TV-show like Brookline 9-9. You will like it, even if you never seen any police TV-show in your life. This one is example of the great comedy TV-show and everything that can be part of it. So many funny situation and jokes.

        This Barney Miller: the complete series DVD box set is unique propose for everything. That wonderful comedy is Emmy award winner and one of the greatest retro TV-show translated on ABC TV channel from 1975 to 1982, seven year of hilarious and interesting jokes, seven years of happiness.

        Talented actors of this cast made this DVD-show are really very special and unique. In addition, the good work done directors: Danny Arnold, Noam Pitlik and Theodore J. Flicker. They directed almost every episode, and this fact is quite impressive. So many details of common life from police work, realistic plot and very talented squad of officers with Captain Barney Miller are really good company for your rest.

        Many funny and fascinating characters like Sergeant Philip K. Fish, who is always looks like he is suffering from different illness, but his years of hard work in police department give him a great experience and mentor place in this crew. Another interesting member of this company is “Wojo” or Detective Stanly Wojciehowicz, his character is so sensitive and religious, that is why he tries to think about things with the help of humanitarian worldview. His hero is brilliant Polish-American he is sweet and nice, which is very unusual for New York City cop.

        In addition, you can watch after many interesting characters that smart and gorgeous like police officer slash book-writer Sergeant Ron Harries with him, also you can see Sergeant “Chano”, Japanese Sergeant Nick Yemana and many others.

        This show about hard relationships between the members of New York City’s fictional 12th Precinct and his suspects and witnesses. They solve the crimes, investigated different murders, robberies, and many other things. This typical fights that included Captain’s frustration with the big amount of paperwork and bureaucracy. Barney Miller has followers all around the world, so if you one of them this proposal is for you.

        Buy this nice, family comedy about police and friendship, because this DVD Box set is very good way to spend your time and money. This DVD box set consist of 23 DVDs and has 8 seasons and 168 episodes. So much time that, you can spend with fun.

Bonus Features:

Inside the 12th precinct: New inteviews with Hal Linden, Abe Vigoda, Max Gail and more.

The life and times of Barney Miller: The original Barney Miller pilot episode.

Writer and producer interviews and commentaries with Tony Sheehan, Jeff Stein and Frank Dungan

Season one of the spin-off FISH starring Abe Vigoda 

Season 1

  1. Ramon

  2. The Experience

  3. Snow Job

  4. Graft

  5. The Courtesans

  6. The Stakeout

  7. The Bureaucrat

  8. Ms. Cop

  9. The Vigilante

  10. The Guest

  11. The Escape Artist

  12. Hair

  13. The Hero


Season 2

  1. Doomsday

  2. The Social Worker

  3. The Layoff

  4. Ambush

  5. Heat Wave

  6. The Arsonist

  7. Grand Hotel

  8. Discovery

  9. You Dirty Rat

  10. The Horse Thief

  11. Rain

  12. Fish

  13. Hot Dogs

  14. Protection

  15. Happy New Year

  16. The Sniper

  17. Fear of Flying

  18. Block Party

  19. Massage Parlor

  20. The Psychiatrist

  21. The Kid

  22. The Mole


Season 3

  1. Evacuation

  2. Quarantine (1)

  3. Quarantine (2)

  4. Bus Stop

  5. The Election

  6. Werewolf

  7. The Recluse

  8. Non-Involvement

  9. Power Failure

  10. Christmas Story

  11. Hash

  12. Smog Alert

  13. Community Relations

  14. The Rand Report

  15. Fire '77

  16. The Abduction

  17. The Sex Surrogate

  18. Moonlighting

  19. Asylum

  20. Group Home

  21. Strike (1)

  22. Strike (2)


Season 4

  1. Goodbye, Mr. Fish (1)

  2. Goodbye, Mr. Fish (2)

  3. Bugs

  4. Corporation

  5. Burial

  6. Copy Cat

  7. Blizzard

  8. Chase

  9. Thanksgiving Story

  10. The Tunnel

  11. Atomic Bomb

  12. The Bank

  13. The Ghost

  14. Appendicitis

  15. Rape

  16. Eviction (1)

  17. Eviction (2)

  18. Wojo's Problem

  19. 'Quo Vadis?'

  20. Hostage

  21. Evaluation

  22. The Sighting

  23. Inauguration


Season 5

  1. Kidnapping (1)

  2. Kidnapping (2)

  3. The Search

  4. Dog Days

  5. The Baby Broker

  6. Accusation

  7. The Prisoner

  8. Loan Shark

  9. The Vandal

  10. The Harris Incident

  11. The Radical

  12. Toys

  13. The Indian

  14. Voice Analyzer

  15. The Spy

  16. Wojo's Girl (1)

  17. Wojo's Girl (2)

  18. Middle Age

  19. The Counterfeiter

  20. Open House

  21. Identity

  22. Computer Crime

  23. Graveyard Shift

  24. Jack Soo, a Retrospective


Season 6

  1. Inquisition

  2. The Photographer

  3. Vacation

  4. The Brother

  5. The Slave

  6. Strip Joint

  7. The Bird

  8. The Desk

  9. The Judge

  10. The DNA Story

  11. The Dentist

  12. People's Court

  13. Vanished (1)

  14. Vanished (2)

  15. The Child Stealers

  16. Guns

  17. Uniform Days

  18. Dietrich's Arrest (1)

  19. Dietrich's Arrest (2)

  20. The Architect

  21. The Inventor

  22. Fog


Season 7

  1. Homicide (1)

  2. Homicide (2)

  3. The Delegate

  4. Dorsey

  5. Agent Orange

  6. Call Girl

  7. Resignation

  8. Field Associate

  9. Movie (1)

  10. Movie (2)

  11. The Psychic

  12. Stormy Weather

  13. The Librarian

  14. Rachel

  15. Contempt (1)

  16. Contempt (2)

  17. The Doll

  18. Lady and the Bomb

  19. Riot

  20. The Vests

  21. The Rainmaker

  22. Liquidation


Season 8

  1. Paternity

  2. Advancement

  3. The Car

  4. Possession

  5. Stress Analyzer

  6. Games

  7. Homeless

  8. The Tontine

  9. Examination Day

  10. The Clown

  11. Chinatown (1)

  12. Chinatown (2)

  13. Hunger Strike

  14. Arrival

  15. Obituary

  16. Inquiry

  17. Old Love

  18. Altercation

  19. Bones

  20. Landmark (1)

  21. Landmark (2)

  22. Landmark (3)


Complete series cast summary:

Hal Linden

Hal Linden - Capt. Barney Miller


Max Gail

Max Gail - Det. Stan 'Wojo' Wojciehowicz


Ron Glass

Ron Glass - Det. Ron Harris


Steve Landesberg

Steve Landesberg - Det. Sgt. Arthur Dietrich


Ron Carey

Ron Carey - Officer Carl Levitt


Jack Soo

Jack Soo - Det. Sgt. Nick Yemana


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