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Route 66: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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Route 66: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete 4 Seasons
  • Number Of Episodes: All 116 Uncut Episodes
  •  Package: 20 DVD Box Set
  •  Category: Comedy
  •  Format: Full Screen
  • Audio Track: English
  • Compartability: Region 1,2 and 4 ONLY
  • Condition: Brand new & factory sealed

Route 66 Storyline

This is a story set in North America, particularly Los Angeles, Chicago and the Route 66. The story revolves around two main characters named Tod Stiles, played by Martin Milner and Buz Murdock by George Maharis. It is the story of the everyday life of the hot –blooded youthful population of America and their rummaging and hunger for fulfillment and meaning in the 1960s. The TV series was release in October 7, 1960 till March 20, 1964 and featured a total of 116 episodes in four seasons. 

It was set in the post war era where the economy was still on a path to recovery. Following the death of Tod’s father, a business magnate who owns a shipping company, Tod was faced with the immediate reality that his father’s was broke leaving him an inheritance of just a new corvette, meaning he had to find his fit on his own.

In their so may travels together, both Tod and Buz 

With Buz finally out of the picture at the fall of season three, Glenn Corbett plays the role Lincoln Case in March, 1963. He is a war veteran with a military background and was haunted by his past. A broil between Linc and Tod’s mentee led to Linc’s bruising the mentee badly and resulting in the meeting between Tod and Linc who was so furious he was ready to take on Linc in a fist fight. The scuffle finally ended up with both parties becoming buddies and they finally got on the road together, so came the replacement for Buz in a very usual twist.

After so many travels, travails and successes together, it all came to an end in Tampa, Florida where both parties decided to path ways and bade each other farewell. Linc returned home to Texas while Tod moved on back home to Houston with his newly wedded wife.

The TV series was one of the very first to be shot in real locations using monumental sites, landmarks and more.

Route 66 Seasons

The TV series shows a total of four complete seasons with a total of 116 uncut episodes.

Season 1: Episode 1: 

It opens with Tod and Buz as they experience hitches with Tod’s car on their voyage through Mississippi. This is one of the many misfortunes that befall this duo.

Season 1, episode 30: 

Tod and Buz are last seen in episode 29 when they help actress Susan Oliver in moving her mums corpse. The final episode of this season only featured other supportive characters.

Season 2, Episode 31: Titled: A month of Sunday”

This tells the story of Buz’s girl friend Anne, a broadway star who suffers from a terminal sickness and is returning home to Montana in preparation for her final demise but unknown to Buz.

Season 2, Episode 62: “From an enchantress fleeing”

It shows the scene between Tod and Arthur O’ Connel who is having marital challenges.

Season 3, episode 63: titled: “One Tiger to a Hill”

Tod has a fracas with a fisherman David over Tod’s affairs with employer’s daughter.

Season 3, episode 93: Titled: “Soda pop and Paper flags”

Tod protects Chester from angry Missouri residents.

Season 4, episode 94: Titled: “Two strangers and an old enemy”

Tod and Linc try to rescue Jack from his suicidal attempt as he tries to plunge himself into Everglades. 

Season 4, episode 116: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”

Tod and Linc finally decide to part ways after someone made a failed attempt at Tod’s life.

Produced by Herbert Leonard and scripted by Stirling Silliphant, is a US based TV series with each episodes covering approximately 52 minutes each.

Route 66 Main characters

Tod Stiles

Tod Stiles played by Martin Milner, shows a young man with a promising life. Born in the post war America to a Business magnate father, he had an Ivy League status haven attended Yale. He had his early growing up experience in New York and Connecticut.

His father’s sudden demise must have startled him greatly as he was not really prepared to face the challenges of life alone. He presents the picture of a not too experience but naïve person who has to face the rigors of life alone without any support. He therefore had, Buz, his father’s former employee as a brother, friends and confidant in the journey of life.

Buz Murdock

Buz Murdock also known as George Maharis, represents the lower end of the society, the working class, struggling to find a means for survival and is faced with the daily reality of a life. He in conjunction with Tod need to face the ups and downs or a high brow society, preferring that to leaving in the suburbs that is becoming more and more populated due to the harsh economy period that was prevalent then.

Buz is the man of the street who is streetwise and understands better what it takes to survive on the street. Buz character as scripted was able to play up a whole lot of issues. It portrayed issues on racism, oppression and even bring out the humorous side of Buz.

The duo creates the picture of a perfect fit of the good or novice and the ugly; helping each other explore life and overcome challenges together.

Glenn Corbett

Linc portrays a character that is quite different from Buz. He is a calmer person though displays temporal outburst occasionally. Besides this, he is a simple and easy going fellow.

Route 66 Awards

Ethel Waters, Star Guest in the episode titled: “Good night, sweet blues” was nominated at the 1962 Emmy Award under the category- Outstanding Single Performance in a series by an actress. She became the first African American to be so nominated. George Maharis who played one of the main characters, Buz received a nomination for; Best Actor; Outstanding Continued Performance by an Actor in a series at the Emmy Awards, 1962. Larry Marcus won the Best Episodic Drama award for the screen play; “Man Out of Time” presented by the Writers Guild of America in 1963.

Benefits of DVD version of films (call to action, buy now...)

Route 66 The Complete Series DVD Box Set offers 24 dvds of exciting moments and pleasures. It is a compact package that sure promises to keep you glued to your TV set savoring the times; the thrills, the sad and humorous moments. You sure don’t want to miss this!

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