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The Carol Burnett Show Collector's Edition DVD Box Set

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Product Code: The Carol Burnett Show Collector's Edition DVD Box Set
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The Carol Burnett Show Collector's Edition DVD Box Set

  • Package: 31 DVD Box Set
  • Category: Comedy 
  • Format: Full Screen
  • Audio Track: English
  • Compartability: Region 1,2 and 4 ONLY
  • Condition: Brand new & factory sealed


This 31DVD collection includes 62 complete episodes handpick by Carol Burnett herself


Disc - 1 - Guests Dinah Shore,Roddy
Mcdowall,The Jackson 5
Disc - 2 - Guests Ken Berry, Jack Weston
Disc - 3 - Guests Carl Reiner, Steve Lawrence
Disc - 4 - Guests Rock Hudson, Roddy McDowall
Disc - 5 - Guests Jim Nabors, Ken Berry
Disc - 6 - Guests Ken Berry, Bernadette Peters
Disc - 7 - Guests Roddy McDowall, Bernadette Peters,Betty White
Disc - 8 - Guests Sammy Davis Jr., Shirley Maclaine
Disc - 9 - Guests Steve Lawrence
Disc - 10 - Guests Steve Lawrence, Lily Tomlin
Disc - 11- Guests Gloria Swanson, Paul Sand
Disc - 12 - Guests Dick Van Dyke, Tony Randall, Roddy McDowall
Disc - 13 - Guests Roddy McDowall, Ken Berry, The Regulars
Disc - 14 - Guests Hal Linden, Eydie Gorme,
Disc - 15 - Guests Steve Martin, Betty White, James Garner, George Carlin, Ken Berry
Disc - 16 - Guests Pearl Bailey, Eydie Gorme, Paul Sand
Disc - 17 - Guests Joel Grey, Vincent Price, Jackson 5
Disc - 18 - Guests Eydie Gorme, Joanne Woodard
Disc - 19 - Guests Madeline Kahn, Ben Vereen
Disc - 20 - Guests Vincent Price, Joan Rivers, Kay Cole
Disc - 21- Guests Jim Nabors, Telly Savalas, Smothers Brothers
Disc - 22 - Guests Tim Conway, Family Show
Disc - 23 - Guests Maggie Smith, Betty White
Disc - 24 - Guests Cher, Betty White
Disc - 25 - Guests Jack Klugman, Pointer Sisters
Disc - 26 - Guests Alan King, Dick Van Dyke
Disc - 27 - Guests Maggie Smith, Rita Moreno
Disc - 28 - Guests Petula Clark, Dick Van Dyke
Disc - 29 - Guests Richard Crenna, The Pointer Sisters
Disc - 30 - Guests Phil Silvers, Jean Stapleton
Disc 31 Guests John Byner, Francine Beers

Winning no less than 25 prime time Emmy Awards, The Carol Burnett Show was one of the defining and longest running comedy television experiences of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Broadcast over 11 show stopping seasons, the show led by Burnett herself, was a comedy and sketch show which was just as diverse in scope as it was immediately popular with anyone who tuned into it each week.

Series Synopsis & Appeal

Parodying a broad range of hit movies and other television shows from the era, the Carol Burnett show was equally famous for featuring just as broad a range of one time and more regular guest stars. These included the likes of regulars Jim Nabors and Ken Berry, as well as 1970’s favorites Dinah Shore and Roddy McDowall.

Echoing the daffiness of Lucille Ball of I Love Lucy fame, Carol Burnett routinely positioned herself as a master comedy actress as she parodied everything from Gone with the Wind to the 1970’s hit movies such a Babes in Arms and Airport. At the same time, favorite ongoing sketches included the hilariously funny ‘The Family,’ while parts of the show also focused on musical parodies and audience spurred improvisations.

Ratings & Awards

Never failing to fall expertly into character, Carol Burnett herself was nominated for a variety of Emmy Awards in regard to her work with the show. Moreover, even as recently as 2013, The Carol Burnett Show succeeded in being awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

The Carol Burnett Show Collector's Edition DVD Box Set

Still considered a piece of seminal television history, you too can now own the complete Carol Burnett Show on DVD.

Featuring every episode which ever aired and an exhaustible list of guest stars, you can once again immerse yourself in Burnett’s comedy genius while enjoying the show with right in the comfort of your own home. 

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