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The Fugitive: The Most Wanted Edition Complete Series

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Product Code: The Fugitive: The Most Wanted Edition Complete Series
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The Fugitive: The Most Wanted Edition Complete Series

  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete 4 Seasons

  • Number Of Episodes: All 120 Uncut Episodes

  • Package: 33 DVD + 1 Music CD Box Set

  • Category: Drama

  • Format: Full Screen, B&W Color,

  • Audio Track: English, English Subtitles

  • Compartability: You should know that during the registration of your order we will check compatibility to your region and will send your order according to your region. Region 1 For shipment to North America, Region 2 For shipment to Europe and Region 4 For shipment to Australia / New Zeiland

  • Condition: Brand new & factory sealed

  • Years: 1963 - 1967


In the Fugitive – The most wanted complete series, tell us about pediatrician Richard Kimble from Stafford, Indiana. His life break into pieces when his wife was killed and everyone thinks that he did it. He is blamed in this murder and sentenced to death sentence based on no concrete evidences for his defense. While he is being transported to Death row by Train, accident happens and the train went of the rail. This provides Dr. Richard an easy way to escape from custody in search of the real murderer to prove his innocence, a search that begins across the country. Lieutenant Gerard leads the search for the serial killer. While the accused doctor seeks to pursue the real killer: “one armed man”, he risks his life many times due to his habit of helping other people out of trouble. Buy The Fugitive complete series and you will get wonderful adventures story for your rest.

The Fugitive was directed by created by Roy Huggins and produced by QM Productions and United Artists Television. The TV series consists of four seasons aired during 1963-1967. All seasons have 30 episodes, which are about 51 minutes long. The Premise was narrated in the opening of the first season but the full details were not entailed on the running of the season. Buy The Fugitive and you will be satisfied with item quality and content.

The first season starts while Kimble as being on the run for about 6 months where he falls in love with a married woman. Her husband, being physically abusive and alienated, wants Kimble dead or out of town. Escaping from there, Kimble is falsely accused of trying to kidnap a little girl in the woods and later on in the season, Kimble escapes a lot of dangerous situations like this while trying to find the murderer of his wife. The Fugitive complete series is fascinating TV-show for whole family.

He gets real close to Lieutenant Gerard who is seen casing him. In the second season, for more than a year on run, Kimble has developed skills in escaping difficult situations. While on the run, Kimble tries to end the pursuit of Lt. Gerard by faking his death. He keeps on taking small jobs while finding one-armed man. In the third season, he is arrested multiple times by Lt. Gerard but manages to escape. He also encounters the murderer of his wife, the one-armed man Fred Johnson but he escapes. This DVD box set continues his quest for justice into the fourth season. He manages to continue his search for the murderer while coming to close to an arrest as many times as possible. At the end, one-armed man is arrested in LA but is bailed by someone before the arrest could prove Kimble’s innocence.

Our Fugitive DVD Box Set features all 120 episodes of Fugitive ever broadcast. Known for the 100% customer satisfaction with best price and premium quality, will you be able to captivate the suspense while Kimble struggles for his freedom and justice. Make sure you get your copy today by ordering at our discounted rates.

Season 1

  1. Fear in a Desert City

  2. The Witch

  3. The Other Side of the Mountain

  4. Never Wave Goodbye (1)

  5. Never Wave Goodbye (2)

  6. Decision in the Ring

  7. Smoke Screen

  8. See Hollywood and Die

  9. Ticket to Alaska

  10. Fatso

  11. Nightmare at Northoak

  12. Glass Tightrope

  13. Terror at High Point

  14. The Girl from Little Egypt

  15. Home Is the Hunted

  16. The Garden House

  17. Come Watch Me Die

  18. Where the Action Is

  19. Search in a Windy City

  20. Bloodline

  21. Rat in a Corner

  22. Angels Travel on Lonely Roads (1)

  23. Angels Travel on Lonely Roads (2)

  24. Flight from the Final Demon

  25. Taps for a Dead War

  26. Somebody to Remember

  27. Never Stop Running

  28. The Homecoming

  29. Storm Center

  30. The End Game


Season 2

  1. Man in a Chariot

  2. World's End

  3. Man on a String

  4. When the Bough Breaks

  5. Nemesis

  6. Tiger Left, Tiger Right

  7. Tug of War

  8. Dark Corner

  9. Escape Into Black

  10. The Cage

  11. Cry Uncle

  12. Detour on a Road Going Nowhere

  13. The Iron Maiden

  14. Devil's Carnival

  15. Ballad for a Ghost

  16. Brass Ring

  17. The End Is But the Beginning

  18. Nicest Fella You'd Ever Want to Meet

  19. Fun and Games and Party Favors

  20. Scapegoat

  21. Corner of Hell

  22. Moon Child

  23. The Survivors

  24. Everybody Gets Hit in the Mouth Sometime

  25. May God Have Mercy

  26. Masquerade

  27. Runner in the Dark

  28. A.P.B.

  29. The Old Man Picked a Lemon

  30. Last Second of a Big Dream


Season 3

  1. Wings of an Angel

  2. Middle of a Heat Wave

  3. Crack in a Crystal Ball

  4. Trial by Fire

  5. Conspiracy of Silence

  6. Three Cheers for Little Boy Blue

  7. All the Scared Rabbits

  8. An Apple a Day

  9. Landscape with Running Figures (1)

  10. Landscape with Running Figures (2)

  11. Set Fire to a Straw Man

  12. Stranger in the Mirror

  13. The Good Guys and the Bad Guys

  14. End of the Line

  15. When the Wind Blows

  16. Not With a Whimper

  17. Wife Killer

  18. This'll Kill You

  19. Echo of a Nightmare

  20. Stroke of Genius

  21. Shadow of the Swan

  22. Running Scared

  23. The Chinese Sunset

  24. Ill Wind

  25. With Strings Attached

  26. The White Knight

  27. The 2130

  28. A Taste of Tomorrow

  29. In a Plain Paper Wrapper

  30. Coralee


Season 4

  1. The Last Oasis

  2. Death Is the Door Prize

  3. A Clean and Quiet Town

  4. The Sharp Edge of Chivalry

  5. Ten Thousand Pieces of Silver

  6. Joshua's Kingdom

  7. Second Sight

  8. Wine Is a Traitor

  9. Approach with Care

  10. Nobody Loses All the Time

  11. Right in the Middle of the Season

  12. The Devil's Disciples

  13. The Blessings of Liberty

  14. The Evil Men Do

  15. Run the Man Down

  16. The Other Side of the Coin

  17. The One That Got Away

  18. Concrete Evidence

  19. The Breaking of the Habit

  20. There Goes the Ballgame

  21. The Ivy Maze

  22. Goodbye My Love

  23. Passage to Helena

  24. The Savage Street

  25. Death Of a Very Small Killer

  26. Dossier on a Diplomat

  27. The Walls of Night

  28. The Shattered Silence

  29. The Judgment (1)

  30. The Judgment (2)

Complete series cast summary:

David Janssen

David Janssen - Dr. Richard Kimble


William Conrad

William Conrad - Narrator


Barry Morse

Barry Morse - Lt. Philip Gerard


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