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Dynasty: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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Product Code: Dynasty: The Complete Series DvD Boxed Set
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Dynasty: The Complete Series DvD Box Set

  • Number Of Seasons: 9

  • Number Of Episodes: 220

  • Package: 54 DVD Boxed Set

  • Category: Drama

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

  • Compartability: You should know that during the registration of your order we will check compatibility to your region and will send your order according to your region. Region 1 For shipment to North America, Region 2 For shipment to Europe and Region 4 For shipment to Australia / New Zeiland

  • Condition: Brand new & sealed

  • Years: 1981 -1989


        This great soap opera is about two big families with their own traditions and rules. So many difficulties during lives of each member of this incredible Dynasty, so extraordinary characters and interesting plot. You will feel the atmosphere of 80’s when watch this perfect example of dramatically TV-show. That story telling us about problems of two enemies, two oil magnates and their companies Blake's Denver Carrington and Alexis' ColbyCo.

        The main characters of this TV-show are wealthy and very powerful people they run business, have everything that they want, but still have problems in their lives. The head of the Carrington family is Blake cruel and strict person in family and work; he knows almost everything about oil business but nothing about human feelings. Blake have children and wife but he wants only money and authority. His wife and secretary Krystle Carrington is wonderful and beautiful human, she loves her husband more than anything else in her life does. She doesn’t care he will be poor or rich and Krystle will do for him anything. She is so kind and gentle, like a little girl and never do things that can hurt other people.

        Very dangerous and interesting character of the Dynasty is Alexis ex-wife of Blake Carrington; she is very tricky and smart woman. She arrived in the first season in the role of witness in the murder case. Alexis Colby wants to ruin life of her ex-husband and destroy his marriage with Krystle. She has four kids - sons Adam and Steve and daughters Fallon and Amanda, Alexis do anything to protect her kids but very often ignored them. These people are difficult persons, because of the different natures and desires.

        Adam Carrington is the lost child of Blake and Alexis, when he was a baby something terrible happened. Adam had been kidnapped and after that had a name Michael and lived with woman named Kate Torrance; she told him that he is a son of the Carrington family. He is a very strange character with the hard destiny and life.

        Fallon Carrington Colby is spoiled and evil girl, she doesn’t love anyone in her life, very seemed that she has all bad features in the world, she has several lovers but they don’t mean for her anything. Her brother Steven is the first open gay in the world television history, he is handsome, smart and sensitive has good relationships with stepmother and doesn’t like his father.

        Amanda Carrington is the daughter of the Alexis and Blake. Alexis hides Amanda from Blake during many years, this girl is very beautiful and smart, and she knows what she wants and how get it. This big and unusual family is the best TV Dynasty in the world’s history. This DVD box set have several nominations and one win of Golden Globe.

        Buy Dynasty: The Complete series DVD box set and you will get 9 seasons, 220 episodes on 54 DVDs. This perfect drama TV-show for all family will be a great gift for your parents and friends; also, this show has a reboot series in 2017 with the new cast, and you will have joy with this wonderful DVD collection.

Season 1

  1. Oil (1)

  2. Oil (2)

  3. Oil (3)

  4. The Honeymoon

  5. The Dinner Party

  6. Fallon's Wedding

  7. The Chauffeur Tells a Secret

  8. The Bordello

  9. Krystle's Lie

  10. The Necklace

  11. The Beating

  12. The Birthday Party

  13. The Separation

  14. Blake Goes to Jail

  15. The Testimony


Season 2

  1. Enter Alexis

  2. The Verdict

  3. Alexis' Secret

  4. Fallon's Father

  5. Reconciliation

  6. Viva Las Vegas

  7. The Miscarriage

  8. The Mid-East Meeting

  9. The Psychiatrist

  10. Sammy Jo and Steven Marry

  11. The Car Explosion

  12. Blake's Blindness

  13. The Hearing

  14. The Iago Syndrome

  15. The Party

  16. The Baby

  17. Mother and Son

  18. The Gun

  19. The Fragment

  20. The Shakedown

  21. The Two Princes

  22. The Cliff


Season 3

  1. The Plea

  2. The Roof

  3. The Wedding

  4. The Will

  5. The Siblings

  6. Mark

  7. Kirby

  8. La Mirage

  9. Acapulco

  10. The Locket

  11. The Search

  12. Samantha

  13. Danny

  14. Madness

  15. Two Flights to Haiti

  16. The Mirror

  17. Battle Lines

  18. Reunions in Singapore

  19. Fathers and Sons

  20. The Downstairs Bride

  21. The Vote

  22. The Dinner

  23. The Threat

  24. The Cabin


Season 4

  1. The Arrest

  2. The Bungalow

  3. The Note

  4. The Hearing (1)

  5. The Hearing (2)

  6. Tender Commrades

  7. Tracy

  8. Dex

  9. Peter De Vilbis

  10. The Proposal

  11. Carousel

  12. The Wedding

  13. The Ring

  14. Lancelot

  15. Seizure

  16. A Little Girl

  17. The Accident

  18. The Vigil

  19. Steps

  20. The Voice (1)

  21. The Voice (2)

  22. The Voice (3)

  23. Birthday

  24. The Check

  25. The Engagement

  26. New Lady in Town

  27. The Nightmare


Season 5

  1. Disappearance

  2. The Mortgage

  3. Fallon

  4. The Rescue

  5. The Trial

  6. The Verdict

  7. Amanda

  8. The Secret

  9. Domestic Intrigue

  10. Krystina

  11. Swept Away

  12. That Holiday Spirit

  13. The Avenger

  14. The Will

  15. The Treasure

  16. Foreign Relations

  17. Triangles

  18. The Ball

  19. Circumstantial Evidence

  20. The Collapse

  21. Life and Death

  22. Parental Consent

  23. Photo Finish

  24. The Crash

  25. Reconciliation

  26. Sammy Jo

  27. Kidnap

  28. The Heiress

  29. Royal Wedding


Season 6

  1. The Aftermath

  2. The Homecoming

  3. The Californians

  4. The Man

  5. The Gown

  6. The Titans (1)

  7. The Titans (2)

  8. The Decision

  9. The Proposal

  10. The Close Call

  11. The Quarrels

  12. The Roadhouse

  13. The Solution

  14. Suspicions

  15. The Alarm

  16. The Vigil

  17. The Accident

  18. Souvenirs

  19. The Divorce

  20. The Dismissal

  21. Ben

  22. Masquerade

  23. The Subpoenas

  24. The Trial (1)

  25. The Trial (2)

  26. The Vote

  27. The Warning

  28. The Cry

  29. The Rescue

  30. The Triple-Cross

  31. The Choice (a.k.a.) The Vendetta


Season 7

  1. The Victory

  2. Sideswiped

  3. Focus

  4. Reward

  5. The Arraignment

  6. Romance

  7. The Mission

  8. The Choice

  9. The Secret

  10. The Letter

  11. The Ball

  12. Fear

  13. The Rig

  14. A Love Remembered (1)

  15. A Love Remembered (2)

  16. The Portrait

  17. The Birthday

  18. The Test

  19. The Mothers

  20. The Surgery

  21. The Garage

  22. The Shower

  23. The Dress

  24. Valez

  25. The Sublet

  26. The Confession

  27. The Affair

  28. Shadow Play


Season 8

  1. The Siege (1)

  2. The Siege (2)

  3. The Aftermath

  4. The Announcement

  5. The Surrogate (1)

  6. The Surrogate (2)

  7. The Primary

  8. The Testing

  9. The Setup

  10. The Fair

  11. The New Moguls

  12. The Spoiler

  13. The Interview

  14. Images

  15. The Rifle

  16. The Bracelet

  17. The Warning

  18. Adam's Son

  19. The Scandal

  20. The Trial

  21. The Proposal

  22. Colorado Roulette


Season 9

  1. Broken Krystle

  2. A Touch of Sable

  3. She's Back

  4. Body Trouble

  5. Alexis in Blunderland

  6. Every Picture Tells a Story

  7. The Last Hurrah

  8. The Wedding

  9. Ginger Snaps

  10. Delta Woe

  11. Tankers, Cadavers to Chance

  12. All Hands on Dex

  13. Virginia Reels

  14. House of the Falling Son

  15. The Son Also Rises

  16. Grimes and Punishment

  17. Sins of the Father

  18. Tale of the Tape

  19. No Bones About It

  20. Here Comes the Son

  21. Blasts From the Past

  22. Catch 22

Series cast summary:

John Forsythe

John Forsythe - Blake Carrington


Linda Evans

Linda Evans - Krystle Carrington


Joan Collins

Joan Collins - Alexis Carrington Colby


Gordon Thomson

Gordon Thomson - Adam Carrington


John James

John James - Jeff Colby


Michael Nader

Michael Nader - Dex Dexter


Jack Coleman

Jack Coleman - Steven Carrington


Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear - Sammy Jo Dean Carrington


Pamela Bellwood

Pamela Bellwood - Claudia Blaisdel


Pamela Sue Martin

Pamela Sue Martin - Fallon Carrington Colby


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