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Emergency! The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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Emergency! The Complete Series DVD Box Set

  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete 7 Seasons
  • Number Of Episodes: All 122 Uncut Episodes
  • Package: 32 DVD Box Set EcoPack
  • Category: Drama 
  • Format: Full Screen
  • Audio Track: English
  • Compartability: Region 1,2 and 4 
  • Condition: Brand new


· 122 UNCUT EPISODES – From the pilot episode “The Wedsworth-Townsend Act” all the way to the final episode “All Night Long” Every episode of all six seasons collected in this 32-DVD set. See every adventure of Squad 51 from beginning to its end.

· 6 FULL SEASONS – Emergency! Ran from 1972 to 1977 and included current events in fictionalized, action-packed, exciting situations with life and death in the balance. All 122 episodes of its TV run are included in this collection.

· FROM CREATORS OF ADAM-12 and DRAGNET – Jack Webb and Robert A Cinadar were two of the creators of Emergency! They previously helped create classic TV shows Adam-12, and Dragnet. Emergency! Creator Harold Jack Bloom also worked on the James Bond film You Only Live Twice

· PREDECESSOR TO ER, THIRD WATCH AND MORE – Emergency! was one of the first shows to feature real-to-life first responder practices, a realistic emergency room, and show how first responders cooperate with hospital staff in a true-to-life manner. This paved the way for other medical TV dramas like Grey's Anatomy, Code Black, Saving Hope and Chicago Med.

· AMAZING LIST OF GUESTS STARS! - See guest star appearances by some of the 1970's biggest stars including Marion Ross, Mark Harmon, Jackie Coogan, and John Carradine. Other guest stars include Nick Nolte, Jamie Farr, Bruno Kirby, and John Travolta. The pilot features Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Mark Spitz as well.


Emergency! combined the great action of 1970's police dramas on TV with realistic situations, equipment, and gear. They worked very hard to make the situations as close to real life as they could for the time but also instilled a sense of adventure in the series. Emergency! tied into Adam-12 and Dragnet before it as well as several other 1970's shows including Sierra, ChiPs, and Quincy, M.E. It also began the careers of Randolph Mantooth, and Kevin Tighe, and features guest star appearances by Adam West and Yvonne Craig (Batman and Batgirl), Don Most and Marion Ross of Happy Days, and Wolfman Jack the 70's shock jock.

Emergency! Storyline

Join the team of Squad 51 after the Wedsworth-Townsend Act of California made it legal for first responders to provide initial emergency care on site for accident victims. Roy DeSoto (played by Kevin Tighe) and John Roderick “Johnny” Gage (played by Randolph Mantooth) are the two main characters who are firefighters that were trained as paramedics, the first of the first responders. Squad 51 received calls about emergency situations and headed out to the scene to save lives. All the while they were in contact with Rampart General Hospital medical staff. They work to stabilize the victims so that they can then be transported to the hospital for continuing medical care. Often multiple situations would develop simultaneously and cause further complications for Squad 51 and Rampart General Hospital.

6 Seasons of Emergency! all in one set

Every episode of all six seasons of Emergency! has been collected into this 32-DVD set. From the pilot episode that tied into real-life passing of the Wedsworth-Townsend Act by California governor Ronald Reagan through to the end of season six. The pilot episode follows the attempts of the two main characters in getting medical personnel on board with the new paramedic law. Guest stars in the episode include Adam-12's Kent McCord and Martin Milner firmly placing the show in the same universe as it and its predecessor Dragnet.

Episodes per Season

· Season 1 – 11 episodes

· Season 2 – 21 episodes

· Season 3 – 22 episodes

· Season 4 – 22 episodes

· Season 5 - 22 episodes

· Season 6 – 24 episodes

Emergency! currently holds a 7.9/10 on IMDB and an 8.6/10 on During the 1970's it was one of the highest rated shows. Station 51 and its staff showed up in several other shows including ChiPs, Quincy, M.E., Sierra, and a spin-off cartoon Emergency +4. Station 51 was also shown in The Great Los Angeles Earthquake, a TV movie from 1990. A book was written on the show in 2008 titled Emergency! Behind the Scenes. The Smithsonian Institution features props and equipment from the show in the National Museum of American History and its vehicles are in the Los Angeles County Fire Museum.

It's said that Emergency! is the reason that paramedics and ambulances spread across the nation from only being 12 units in 1972. Before Emergency! aired people were not generally aware of things like CPR, pre-hospital medical care, and fire prevention. People have also claimed that the realistic first aid techniques on the show have helped them to save lives in real life. This also was addressed in an episode of Emergency! where a non-trained civilian attempts to do a first aid procedure done often by the characters on the show and causes further injury. The show began showing a disclaimer that first aid procedures in the show need to be done by a trained person in real life.

Emergency! endures as one of America's greatest TV medical dramas. It set the stage for decades of shows that would follow it. Its use of realistic medical situations, and procedures would be mimicked by some of the greatest shows ever including ER. The props, station, equipment and vehicles are all modeled on real life gear giving it an air of legitimacy that was not often seen in 1970's TV shows. Add Emergency! the complete series DVD set to your cart today and relive all the action and adventure, or introduce a whole new generation to it. The DVD collection comes in a single box that is easy to take with you wherever you may want to watch the show whether it be a stay-cation at home or a cabin in the woods (with TV, DVD player and electricity).

The Emergency! the complete series DVD set runs 6642 minutes with an average time per episode of 50 minutes. That's over 110 hours of action-packed entertainment from the 1970's. Relive every tense minute of all six seasons of the TV medical drama that is the grandfather to your favorite medical dramas of today. Know someone that works in the medical field? Even they will appreciate a gift of this classic 1970's show, especially if they're a paramedic or other first responder. Emergency! is a classic TV drama that has stood the test of time and is sure to please.

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