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Gimme a Break!: The Complete Series DVD Collection

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Product Code: Gimme a Break!: The Complete Series DVD Collection
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Gimme a Break!: The Complete Series DVD Collection

  • Seasons: The Complete 6 Seasons

  • Category: DVD Box Set

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Number of discs: 18

  • Audio Track: English

  • Condition: Brand new

  • Years: 1981 - 1987

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This sitcom is so family and sweet; many things that makes you love this TV-show. Gimme a break is so cute and touching story about the most important things, like love, loyalty, family, kids and happiness. This DVD box set is the best choice for all family. The kind and really funny characters make your life a little bit better and brighter.

        Nell Harper is a simple woman with the simple rules, everything should be right, friends should be for all life and promises should be kept. After the death of her close friend Margaret, she decided to move in with Margaret family, because she promised looks after Mr. Kanisky and his three underage daughters. However, life in the strange house and new things around make Nell have doubts about her future. The head of the family seems not so happy about completely strange woman in his house; girls also don’t need anyone around after the death of their mother.

        This DVD box set telling us about the difficulties in common family, after the hard moments in their lives. Nell is a light in the dark for Kanisky, but they don’t understand it yet. This woman is so incredible and brave; she became a mother for three completely strange girls with their problems and dreams. During this TV-show everything has changed, big amount of hilarious situation and serious problems. Gimme a break! – Is the best sitcom for all family, for your relatives and friends.

        This not a stupid comedy its story about life. Nell knows how to be a teenage girl when she was 18, she run away from home, and only after all these years she understood that it was a mistake. Her life wasn’t easy but she was happy and now she tries to help Katie, Julie and Samantha to make right decisions in their important life moments. Kanisky girls are very smart, kind and beautiful kids, they try to help their father Carl to go through this tough time. Carl is the chief of the Police in Glenlawn, California (this city is fictional), and he strict and wise person with his own code and life position.

        This TV-show is the best way to spend your free time with pleasure and benefit. During the six wonderful years Gimme a break! Was a leading TV-show and has millions of fans all around the world. Amazing plot, talented actors and really funny jokes do this DVD collection one of the best in the television history.

        Buy Gimme a break!: the complete series DVD collection and you will love it, without any doubts. This DVD collection will be your favorite; every episode is the perfect example of comedy genre. This DVD box set consist of 6 seasons, 137 episodes on 18 DVDs.


Season 1

  1. Katie the Crook

  2. A Good Man is Hard to Find

  3. The Second Time Around

  4. Mom's Birthday

  5. Do or Diet

  6. A Man in Nell's Room

  7. Your Prisoner is Dead

  8. Julie's Rejection

  9. Julie's First Love

  10. Nell's Ex

  11. Katie the Cheat

  12. The Emergency

  13. Nell Goes Home

  14. Samantha Steals a Squad Car

  15. Grandma Fools Around

  16. Hot Muffins

  17. Sam's Affair

  18. The Robbery

  19. An Unmarried Couple


Season 2

  1. Nell Goes to Jail

  2. Brother Ed and the Hooker

  3. Sam's Imaginary Friend

  4. Grandpa's Visit

  5. Take My Baby, Please

  6. Porko's

  7. The Chief's Gay Evening

  8. Katie Steals Julie's Jock

  9. Sam Faces Death

  10. Nell Goes Door to Door

  11. Love Thy Neighbor

  12. Love, Kidney

  13. Julie Smokes

  14. The Centerfold (1)

  15. The Centerfold (2)

  16. The Custody Suit

  17. The Return of the Doo-Wop Girls

  18. Eddie Gets Married

  19. Grandpa Robs a Bank

  20. Greenlawn Street Blues

  21. Nell and the Kid

  22. Nell Gets Sick


Season 3

  1. The Groupie

  2. The Way to a Man's Heart

  3. Katie's Commitment

  4. Joey (1)

  5. Joey (2)

  6. The Mayor

  7. Melissa

  8. Nell's Friend

  9. Grandpa's Rebellion

  10. A Kanisky Christmas

  11. Herbie

  12. James Returns

  13. Samantha's Protest

  14. Flashback

  15. Knock Three Times

  16. Valentine

  17. The Big Apple (1)

  18. The Big Apple (2)

  19. Rodeo

  20. Katie's College

  21. The Center

  22. Class of '84


Season 4

  1. New Orleans (1) (a.k.a.) Joey Goes to New Orleans (1)

  2. New Orleans (2) (a.k.a.) Joey Goes to New Orleans (2)

  3. Nell's Birthday

  4. Grandpa's Secret Life

  5. Sam's First Love

  6. Who Dunnit?

  7. Breakdance

  8. Daddy's Little Girl

  9. Carl's Delicate Moment

  10. Julie's Lie

  11. Baby of the Family

  12. TV or Not TV

  13. The Spirit of Christmas

  14. Grandpa's Will

  15. The Answering Machine

  16. The Gift

  17. Alabamy Bound (1)

  18. Alabamy Bound (2)

  19. The Earthquake

  20. The Lookalike

  21. Cat Story

  22. Police Mamas

  23. Monkey See, Monkey Do

  24. Friendship

  25. Julie's Birthday


Season 5

  1. Joey's Train

  2. Ship of Fools (1)

  3. Ship of Fools (2)

  4. The Man From Zoron

  5. Addy's Goodbye

  6. So Long, Jonathan

  7. Mama

  8. Sam's Little Girl

  9. The Elevator

  10. Nell's New Car

  11. Nell's Gifted Child

  12. Katie's Apartment

  13. Snippets

  14. Second Chance (1)

  15. Second Chance (2)

  16. Bienvenido, Jonathan

  17. The Gun

  18. A Lesson for Nell

  19. Pride and Prejudice

  20. Family Reunion

  21. Getting to Know You

  22. Katie's Korner

  23. Found Money

  24. The Purse Snatcher


Season 6

  1. Sam Goes to College (1)

  2. Sam Goes to College (2)

  3. Below Sea Level

  4. Joey Meets Matthew

  5. Nell Goes Back to New York

  6. The Apartment

  7. I Love New York

  8. Nell the Boss

  9. Harry the Hamster

  10. Joey the Gambler

  11. The Scam

  12. Christmas in New York

  13. Nell's Secret Admirer

  14. The Loan

  15. The Window (1)

  16. The Window (2)

  17. Joey's First Crush

  18. Joey's Teacher

  19. Joey's Hero

  20. Joey the Gigolo

  21. Parents' Week (1)

  22. Parents' Week (2)

  23. Save the Church

  24. Someday, My Prince . . .

  25. Mama's Date

Complete series cast summary:

Nell Carter

Nell Carter - Nell Harper


Lara Jill Miller

Lara Jill Miller - Sam Kanisky


Lauri Hendler

Lauri Hendler - Julie Kanisky


Kari Michaelsen

Kari Michaelsen - Katie Kanisky


Dolph Sweet

Dolph Sweet - Chief Carl Kanisky


John Hoyt

John Hoyt - Grandpa Stanley Kanisky


Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence - Joey Donovan


Telma Hopkins

Telma Hopkins - Addy Wilson


Howard Morton

Howard Morton - Officer Ralph Simpson


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