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Have Gun - Will Travel: The Complete Series on DVD

Price: $169.99 $79.99
Product Code: Have Gun - Will Travel
Availability: In Stock

Have Gun - Will Travel: The Complete Series on DVD

  • * Number of Seasons: The Complete 6 Seasons
  • * Number of Episodes: All 225 Uncut Episodes
  • * Package: 25 DVD Box Set
  • * Category: Western | Adventure
  • * Format: Full Screen
  • * Audio Track: English
  • * Region 1, 2 and 4 Only
  • * Condition: Brand New & Factory Sealed


If you’re a fan of the older American westerns, this is the sort of package deal you will be happy to see. The classic gunslinger series Have Gun – Will Travel has been available in DVD format for a while, but now a set of all seasons is offered to fulfill your craving for the show!


Have Gun – Will Travel stars Richard Boone as Paladin, the gentleman and hired gun living in a luxury hotel in San Francisco. His job leads him around the country to do good deeds for a price. Although his calling card makes him sound like a man who uses guns for everything, in reality Paladin doesn’t like to use his gun except as a last resort. Because of this, he works out all sorts of clever and creative solutions to the issues that face him in his line of work.

The show brings on all sorts of wacky and interesting characters throughout the six seasons. You never know who Paladin will come in contact with or who will respond to his famous calling card “Have gun – will travel”. You’ll have to watch for yourself and see the adventures of the gentleman gunslinger Paladin to truly see why this show is a classic in American western series!


Originally aired from 1957 – 1963, this famous western has been available in DVD format for years, but now you can get the whole set of every episode ever aired in one collection of DVDs. Here’s what you’ll get with the DVD collection:

  • Complete 6 seasons including every episode ever aired
  • 225 uncut episodes of the show
  • Box sets of the 25 DVDs
  • Brand new, never before used items

This package deal gives you the best of the series in one convenient collection of DVDs. You’ll be able to have the entire show of uncut episodes at your command whenever you want to watch and relive your favorite moments of the show.

Although a package like this would normally cost upwards of $150 , you can get it now for only $89.99 and own every single episode of this beloved show for half the price! 225 episodes for $89.99 equals out to about $0.40 for each incredible adventure. That’s an unbeatable price and a deal that you certainly don’t want to miss for this awesome collection of Have Gun – Will Travel seasons 1 – 6.


The adventures of Paladin the gentlemanly gunslinger are all available to you with the easy, low-priced purchase of the complete series on DVD. This series is a class in American westerns that had a different approach to the typical shoot-‘em-up style of many films and series in the days. If you’ve seen and enjoyed the show in the past, you can now own the complete series to watch again and enjoy the best times all over again. If you’re new to the series, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get your fill of this iconic western series and find out why it’s so famous! 

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