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Have Gun - Will Travel: The Complete Series on DVD

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Have Gun - Will Travel: The Complete Series on DVD

  • Number of Seasons: The Complete 6 Seasons

  • Number of Episodes: All 225 Uncut Episodes

  • Package: 25 DVD Box Set

  • Category: Western | Adventure

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

  • Compartability: You should know that during the registration of your order we will check compatibility to your region and will send your order according to your region. Region 1 For shipment to North America, Region 2 For shipment to Europe and Region 4 For shipment to Australia / New Zeiland

  • Condition: Brand New & Sealed

  • Years: 1957 -1963

        Do you like westerns? If your answer is yes, this movie for you. Dangerous and smart, handsome and charming. The real man, the real cowboy. This show one of bestsellers in the history of American TV industry. Have gun – will travel is brilliant show about Wild West and wild people. This show is so interesting and unusual for the common western style.

        Paladin is very smart gun-for-hire man with the morals and code. He has very unusual education and tastes for San Francisco. He totally different from other representatives of this occupation. Paladin very brilliant and cunning person and he tried to solve his problems with the help of mind. He thinks that people should use weapon as rare as possible.

        He has his own opinion in every point of view, he has his own style in clothe and art, also he has very good education, and he has great knowledge in art and literature. Paladin loves so much elegant food and theater; he is so high educated and cool minded. This person impressed so much with his dark image and non-emotional attitude to the world.

        This DVD box set is about brave veteran of American Civil War officer that earn money with the help of gun and law. He is a law in places where you cannot find any rules. This TV-show was so popular all around the world; the main character was one of the sex symbols of the 50’s. This handsome and strong man with the dimple on his chin. Paladin is unbelievably good in investigation and solving crimes. This character is a prototype of many modern TV private detectives like Colombo, Magnum and MacGyver.

        Buy DVD collection and you will get huge joy from this TV-show, because this classical and good-filmed western has a history and everything that need a very good movie. Richard Boone, who played Paladin, is a terrific actor and this role is the best in his career.

        Have gun – will travel is iconic TV-show for American culture and people. Many boys wanted to be a brave and elegant Paladin. This TV-show the best choice for all family and every age and gender. You can find a radio program of Have gun – will travel, this show was also very cool and popular. This show was the breakthrough of 50’s so brand new, fresh and interesting long termed TV program.

        Buy Have gun – will travel: The Complete Series on DVD and you will have perfect western show that will make you laugh, cry, worry, hate and love. DVD collection consist of 6 seasons, 225 episodes on 25 DVDs. This will be a perfect present for your parents, friends and relatives.  


Season 1

  1. Three Bells to Perdido

  2. The Outlaw

  3. The Great Mojave Chase

  4. Winchester Quarantine

  5. A Matter of Ethics

  6. The Bride

  7. Strange Vendetta

  8. High Wire

  9. Show of Force

  10. The Long Night

  11. The Colonel and the Lady

  12. No Visitors

  13. The Englishman

  14. The Yuma Treasure

  15. The Hanging Cross

  16. Helen of Abajinian

  17. Ella West

  18. The Reasonable Man

  19. The High-Graders

  20. The Last Laugh

  21. The Bostonian

  22. The Singer

  23. Bitter Wine

  24. Girl from Piccadilly

  25. The O'Hare Story

  26. Birds of a Feather

  27. The Teacher

  28. Killer's Widow

  29. Gun Shy

  30. The Prize Fight Story

  31. Hey Boy's Revenge

  32. The Five Books of Owen Deaver

  33. The Silver Queen

  34. Three Sons

  35. The Return of Dr. Thackeray

  36. 24 Hours at North Fork

  37. Silver Convoy

  38. Deliver the Body

  39. The Statue of San Sebastian


Season 2

  1. The Manhunter

  2. In an Evil Time

  3. The Man Who Wouldn't Talk

  4. The Hanging of Roy Carter

  5. Duel at Florence

  6. The Protege

  7. The Road to Wickenburg

  8. A Sense of Justice

  9. Young Gun

  10. The Lady

  11. A Snare for Murder

  12. The Ballad of Oscar Wilde

  13. The Solid Gold Patrol

  14. Something to Live For

  15. The Moor's Revenge

  16. The Wager

  17. The Taffeta Mayor

  18. Lady on the Stagecoach

  19. Treasure Trail

  20. Juliet

  21. Hunt the Man Down

  22. The Scorched Feather

  23. The Return of the Lady

  24. The Monster of Moon Ridge

  25. The Long Hunt

  26. Death of a Gunfighter

  27. Incident at Borrasca Bend

  28. Maggie O'Bannion

  29. The Chase

  30. Alaska

  31. The Man Who Lost

  32. The Return of Roy Carter

  33. The Sons of Aaron Murdock

  34. Comanche

  35. Homecoming

  36. The Fifth Man

  37. Heritage of Anger

  38. The Haunted Trees

  39. Gold and Brimstone


Season 3

  1. First, Catch a Tiger

  2. Episode in Laredo

  3. Les Girls

  4. The Posse

  5. Shot by Request

  6. Pancho

  7. Fragile

  8. The Unforgiven

  9. The Black Hankerchief

  10. The Golden Toad

  11. Tiger

  12. Champagne Safari

  13. Charley Red Dog

  14. The Naked Gun

  15. One Came Back

  16. The Prophet

  17. Day of the Badman

  18. The Pledge

  19. Jenny

  20. Return to Fort Benjamin

  21. Night the Town Died

  22. The Ledge

  23. The Lady on the Wall

  24. The Misguided Father

  25. The Hatchet Man

  26. Fight at Adobe Wells

  27. The Gladiators

  28. Love of a Bad Woman

  29. An International Affair

  30. Lady with a Gun

  31. Never Help the Devil

  32. Ambush

  33. Black Sheep

  34. Full Circle

  35. The Twins

  36. The Campaign of Billy Banjo

  37. Ransom

  38. The Trial

  39. The Search


Season 4

  1. The Fatalist

  2. Love's Young Dream

  3. A Head of Hair

  4. Out at the Old Ballpark

  5. Saturday Night

  6. The Calf

  7. The Tender Gun

  8. The Killing of Jessie May

  9. The Poker Fiend

  10. Crowbait

  11. Marshal's Boy

  12. Foggbound

  13. The Legacy

  14. The Prisoner

  15. The Mountebank

  16. The Sanctuary

  17. A Quiet Night in Town - Part I

  18. A Quiet Night in Town - Part II

  19. The Princess and the Gunfighter

  20. Shadow of a Man

  21. Long Way Home

  22. The Taxgatherer

  23. Fatal Flaw

  24. Fandango

  25. The Last Judgement

  26. The Gold Bar

  27. Everyman

  28. The Siege

  29. The Long Weekend

  30. El Paso Stage

  31. Duke of Texas

  32. Broken Image

  33. Brother's Keeper

  34. Bearbait

  35. The Cure

  36. The Road

  37. The Uneasy Grave

  38. Soledad Crossing


Season 5

  1. The Vigil

  2. The Education of Sarah Jane

  3. The Revenger

  4. Odds for Big Red

  5. A Proof of Love

  6. The Gospel Singer

  7. The Race

  8. The Hanging of Aaron Gibbs

  9. The Piano

  10. Ben Jalisco

  11. The Brothers

  12. A Drop of Blood

  13. A Knight to Remember

  14. Blind Circle

  15. The Kid

  16. Squatter's Rights

  17. Lazarus

  18. Justice in Hell

  19. Mark of Cain

  20. The Exiles

  21. The Hunt

  22. Dream Girl

  23. One, Two, Three

  24. The Waiting Room

  25. The Trap

  26. Don't Shoot the Piano Player

  27. Alice

  28. The Man Who Struck Moonshine

  29. Silent Death, Secret Death

  30. Hobson's Choice

  31. Coming of the Tiger

  32. Darwin's Man

  33. Invasion

  34. Cream of the Jest

  35. Bandit

  36. Pandora's Box

  37. Jonah

  38. The Knight


Season 6

  1. Genesis

  2. Taylor's Woman

  3. The Fifth Bullet

  4. A Place For Abel Hix

  5. Beau Geste

  6. Bird of Time

  7. Memories of Monica

  8. The Predators

  9. Shootout at Hogtooth

  10. Miracle for St. Francis

  11. Marshal of Sweetwater

  12. Man in an Hourglass

  13. Penelope

  14. Trial at Tablerock

  15. Be Not Forgetful of Strangers

  16. The Treasure

  17. Brotherhood

  18. Bob Wire

  19. The Debutante

  20. Unforgiving Minute

  21. American Primitive

  22. The Burning Tree

  23. Cage at McNaab

  24. Caravan

  25. The Walking Years

  26. Sweet Lady of the Moon

  27. The Savages

  28. The Eve of St. Elmo

  29. Lady of the Fifth Moon

  30. Two Plus One

  31. The Black Bull

  32. Face of a Shadow

Complete series cast summary:

Richard Boone

Richard Boone - Paladin


Kam Tong

Kam Tong - Hey Boy


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