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He-Man: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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Product Code: He-Man Complete Series DVD Box Set
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He-Man. The Complete Animated Series DVD Collectrion

  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete 2 Seasons

  • Number Of Episodes: All 110 Uncut Episodes

  • Package: 12 DVD Box Set

  • Category: Cartoon

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

  • Compartability: You should know that during the registration of your order we will check compatibility to your region and will send your order according to your region. Region 1 For shipment to North America, Region 2 For shipment to Europe and Region 4 For shipment to Australia / New Zeiland

  • Condition: Brand new & sealed

  • Years: 1983 - 1985


        This story telling about one of the most popular superheroes in 80’s. This strong, brave and smart character was an example for millions of kids all around the world, especially for boys. This TV-show was very popular also between adult people, because of the interesting plot and excellent animation. He-Man is the symbol of the American pop-culture of 80’s. During many years, it was a very popular TV-show that makes people laugh, cry and love.

        Prince Adam is a very valiant and wise monarch but his alter ego He-Man is a superhero that makes people believe in better life. “He-Man and the masters of the universe” is based on the successful toy line, by Mattel known as the Masters of the Universe, and it is an animated series. Millions of kids played with this wonderful toy and now it is alive on screen. He-Man is amazing animated show that aired in 80’s. The show has some heavy fan support even today. Now you can enjoy this iconic show if you will make order of He-Man complete DVD set.

He-Man ran on television from 1983 to 1985. The show had unbelievable popularity that even the spin-offs of this show managed to show huge ratings. Such great TV-shows as She-Ra and princess of Power. Truthful that USA network translated this cartoon several times on national channel. The reason why He-Man is so popular among children is that it never tries to be to teaching or boring. However, the stories are extremely interesting, and they have the surprising power to grab the attention of children almost immediately. Most of the stories revolve around He-Man fighting with enemies, punching them in the air and at the end; there is a simple lesson to learn for children.  This is what kids actually want. No matter how many times you watched interesting animated series you will never get bored with He-man. Now you can buy He-Man complete DVD set and watch it as many times as you want.

One astonishing thing that you will notice when you buy He-Man DVD set is that the show will look much clearer and better in quality than the times you may have watched it earlier. Though they have not improved any technical aspects of the show, you can attribute it to advanced television technology available today. In fact, the animation seems much better than most of the modern day animated shows. The good news is that He-Man complete DVD set is available now for everyone.

Buy He-Man: The Complete series DVD box set and you will get 2 seasons, 110 episodes on 12 DVDs. Your kids and you will love it, we promise you.


Season 1

  1. Diamond Ray of Disappearance

  2. Teela's Quest

  3. Colossor Awakes

  4. The Dragon Invasion

  5. The Curse of the Spellstone

  6. The Time Corridor

  7. Creatures from the Tar Swamp

  8. Song of Celice

  9. She-Demon of Phantos

  10. Reign of the Monster

  11. Like Father, Like Daughter

  12. Disappearing Act

  13. Evil-Lyn's Plot

  14. Dawn of Dragoon

  15. Prince Adam No More

  16. A Friend in Need

  17. Daimar the Demon

  18. The Dragon's Gift

  19. The Shaping Staff

  20. The Cosmic Comet

  21. The Taking of Grayskull

  22. Double Edged Sword

  23. Quest for He-Man

  24. Orko's Favorite Uncle

  25. Quest for the Sword

  26. A Beastly Sideshow

  27. A Tale of Two Cities

  28. Valley of Power

  29. Game Plan

  30. The Return of Orko's Uncle

  31. The Mystery of Man-E-Faces

  32. Keeper of the Ancient Ruins

  33. The Region of Ice

  34. Masks of Power

  35. Ordeal in the Darklands

  36. City Beneath the Sea

  37. The Defection

  38. Teela's Trial

  39. The Starchild

  40. Orko's Missing Magic

  41. The Search

  42. Eternal Darkness

  43. The Royal Cousin

  44. Return of Evil

  45. Eye of the Beholder

  46. It's Not My Fault

  47. Trouble in Arcadia

  48. Castle of Heroes

  49. Temple of the Sun

  50. Wizard of Stone Mountain

  51. Dree Elle's Return

  52. The Sleepers Awaken

  53. Return of the Gryphon

  54. The Return of Granamyr

  55. Pawns of the Game Master

  56. The Huntsman

  57. The Remedy

  58. The Witch and the Warrior

  59. Evilseed

  60. Search for the VHO

  61. The House of Shokoti (Part 1)

  62. The House of Shokoti (Part 2)

  63. The Once and Future Duke

  64. Golden Disks of Knowledge

  65. The Heart of a Giant


Season 2

  1. The Shadow of Skeletor

  2. The Energy Beast

  3. Fisto's Forest

  4. The Gamesman

  5. The Rarest Gift of All

  6. To Save Skeletor

  7. The Good Shall Survive

  8. Day of the Machines

  9. The Cat and the Spider

  10. Trouble in Trolla

  11. The Great Books Mystery

  12. Origin of the Sorceress

  13. Betrayal of Stratos

  14. The Ice Age Cometh

  15. The Arena

  16. Disappearing Dragons

  17. Island of Fear

  18. Revenge is Never Sweet

  19. The Littlest Giant

  20. Attack From Below

  21. Into the Abyss

  22. Fraidy Cat

  23. The Rainbow Warrior

  24. A Trip to Morainia

  25. Things That Go Bump in the Night

  26. Three on a Dare

  27. Just a Little Lie

  28. One for All

  29. Jacob and the Widgets

  30. Trouble's Middle Name

  31. Journey to Stone City

  32. A Bird in the Hand

  33. Battlecat

  34. The Time Wheel

  35. Search for the Past

  36. Hunt for He-Man

  37. The Greatest Show on Eternia

  38. Not So Blind

  39. The Secret of Grayskull

  40. No Job too Small

  41. The Bitter Rose

  42. The Gambler

  43. Teela's Triumph

  44. Orko's New Friend

  45. The Problem with Power

  46. Double Trouble

  47. The Eternia Flower

  48. Happy Birthday Roboto

  49. Battle of the Dragons

  50. Time Doesn't Fly

  51. Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere

  52. Beauty and the Beast

  53. Orko's Return

  54. Visitors from Earth

  55. Monster on the Mountain

  56. The Magic Falls

  57. Search for a Son

  58. Mistaken Identity

  59. The Toy Maker

  60. Bargain with Evil

  61. Capture the Comet Keeper

  62. The Ancient Mirror of Avathar

  63. The Games

  64. To Save the Creatures

  65. The Cold Zone

Series cast summary:

John Erwin

John Erwin - He-Man


Alan Oppenheimer

Alan Oppenheimer - Man-At-Arms


Linda Gary

Linda Gary - Teela


Lou Scheimer

Lou Scheimer - Orko


Erika Scheimer

Erika Scheimer - Arcadian women


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