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MacGyver: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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MacGyver. The Complete TV Series DVD Collection

  • Number Of Seasons:Complete 7 Seasons

  • Number Of Episodes: All 139 Uncut Episodes

  • Package: 38 DVD Box Set

  • Category: Action

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

  • Compartability: You should know that during the registration of your order we will check compatibility to your region and will send your order according to your region. Region 1 For shipment to North America, Region 2 For shipment to Europe and Region 4 For shipment to Australia / New Zeiland

  • Condition: Brand new & factory sealed

  • Years: 1985 - 1992


What do you know about secret agents? They are dangerous, they are smart, they know everything about weapon and of course, they are very handsome. Angus MacGyver is the same, but he is a very good person with principles. He never takes his gun on mission, because doesn’t want to kill somebody. MacGyver is the best in his job; he is a professional from the big letter. This handsome man is the dream of every woman and nightmare for every criminal. If MacGyver takes the case, believe us it will be unforgettable.

The main character is very unusual person, he works like a secret agent, and he is the best troubleshooter in the history of his agency. His methods are extraordinary; because of the death of his friend in teenage age from gun, he not uses it. He thinks that every problem can be solved without a weapon. Angus MacGyver studied Physics at University and have science degree, that’s why he solved cases with the help of his knowledge in Physics, ordinary things that he can find at the crime scene, his Swiss Army knife and duct tape.

This TV-show can make you laugh, even if you don’t want. The characters are so fascinating and brilliant, the plot is perfect and play of actors is very impressive. This television program was a hit of broadcast during seven long and amazing years. Every single episode is masterpiece of adventures genre and good story to watch.

Richard Dean Anderson, who played Angus MacGyver, is a brilliant actor and made his work a really good; many boys of that time wanted to be a MacGyver and do such a great work. Dana Elcar, who played Pete Thornton the best friend and the boss of the main character, his hero is very smart and wise his experience and knowledge are very important in any case. Another impressive character is Jack Dalton, he is a very comical and ironic hero, and he helps MacGyver to do his job as well as possible. Bruce McGill, who played this role made his best for it. His hilarious character is recognizable and remarkable.

Buy MacGyver: the complete series DVD Box set and you will like it. It’s a very good TV-show for all family. This serial is really one of the best in the American pop-culture. This DVD box set teach people that every problem can be solved with the help of mind, science and practical skills. That every situation can be solved without a fight.

This DVD collection is perfect gift for your relatives and friends; also, it’s a good offer for fans of Magnum, Team A and Knight Rider. Buy MacGyver and you will get 7seasons, 139 uncut episodes on 38 DVD.


Season 1

  1. Pilot

  2. The Golden Triangle

  3. Thief of Budapest

  4. The Gauntlet

  5. The Heist

  6. Trumbo's World

  7. Last Stand

  8. Hellfire

  9. The Prodigal

  10. Target MacGyver

  11. Nightmares

  12. Deathlock

  13. Flame's End

  14. Countdown

  15. The Enemy Within

  16. Every Time She Smiles

  17. To Be a Man

  18. Ugly Duckling

  19. Slow Death

  20. The Escape

  21. A Prisoner of Conscience

  22. The Assassin


Season 2

  1. The Human Factor

  2. The Eraser

  3. Twice Stung

  4. The Wish Child

  5. Final Approach

  6. Jack of Lies

  7. The Road Not Taken

  8. Eagles

  9. Silent World

  10. Three For the Road

  11. Phoenix Under Siege

  12. Family Matter

  13. Soft Touch

  14. Birth Day

  15. Pirates

  16. Out in the Cold

  17. Dalton, Jack of Spies

  18. Partners

  19. Bushmaster

  20. Friends

  21. D.O.A.: MacGyver

  22. For Love or Money


Season 3

  1. Lost Love (1)

  2. Lost Love (2)

  3. Back from the Dead

  4. Ghost Ship

  5. Fire and Ice

  6. GX-1

  7. Jack in the Box

  8. The Widowmaker

  9. Hell Week

  10. Blow Out

  11. Kill Zone

  12. Early Retirement

  13. Thin Ice

  14. The Odd Triple

  15. The Negotiator

  16. The Spoilers

  17. Mask of the Wolf

  18. Rock the Cradle

  19. The Endangered

  20. Murderers' Sky


Season 4

  1. The Secret of Parker House

  2. Blood Brothers

  3. The Outsiders

  4. On a Wing and a Prayer

  5. Collision Course

  6. The Survivors

  7. Deadly Dreams

  8. Ma Dalton

  9. Cleo Rocks

  10. Fraternity of Thieves

  11. The Battle of Tommy Giordano

  12. The Challenge

  13. Runners

  14. Gold Rush

  15. The Invisible Killer

  16. Brainwashed

  17. Easy Target

  18. Renegade

  19. Unfinished Business


Season 5

  1. Legend of the Holy Rose (1)

  2. Legend of the Holy Rose (2)

  3. The Black Corsage

  4. Cease Fire

  5. Second Chance

  6. Halloween Knights

  7. Children of Light

  8. Black Rhino

  9. The Ten Percent Solution

  10. Two Times Trouble

  11. The Madonna

  12. Serenity

  13. Live and Learn

  14. Log Jam

  15. The Treasure of Manco

  16. Jenny's Chance

  17. Deep Cover

  18. The Lost Amadeus

  19. Hearts of Steel

  20. Rush to Judgement

  21. Passages


Season 6

  1. Tough Boys

  2. Humanity

  3. The Gun

  4. Twenty Questions

  5. The Wall

  6. Lesson in Evil

  7. Harry's Will

  8. MacGyver's Women

  9. Bitter Harvest

  10. The Visitor

  11. Squeeze Play

  12. Jerico Games

  13. The Wasteland

  14. Eye of Osiris

  15. High Control

  16. There But for the Grace

  17. Blind Faith

  18. Faith, Hope & Charity

  19. Strictly Business

  20. Trail of Tears

  21. Hind-Sight


Season 7

  1. Honest Abe

  2. The 'Hood

  3. Obsessed

  4. The Prometheus Syndrome

  5. The Coltons

  6. Walking Dead

  7. Good Knight MacGyver (1)

  8. Good Knight MacGyver (2)

  9. Deadly Silents

  10. Split Decision

  11. Gunz 'N Boyz

  12. Off the Wall

  13. The Stringer

  14. Mountain of Youth

Complete series cast summary:

Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson - MacGyver


Dana Elcar

Dana Elcar - Pete Thornton


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