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Night Gallery: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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Product Code: Night Gallery: The Complete Series DVD Box Set
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Night Gallery: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete 3 Seasons

  • Number Of Episodes: All 99 Uncut Episodes

  • Package: 11 DVD Box Set

  • Category: Svi - Fi / Horror

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

  • Compartability: You should know that during the registration of your order we will check compatibility to your region and will send your order according to your region. Region 1 For shipment to North America, Region 2 For shipment to Europe and Region 4 For shipment to Australia / New Zeiland

  • Years: 1970 - 1973

  • Condition: Brand new & factory sealed 


        This epic horror TV-show, telling us about very unusual and interesting picture gallery, that has different beautiful and even scary paintings. That TV-show not for kids, this TV-show for adult people with the stable psyche and good sense of humor. Every single episode is a new story about dark creatures, old spells, witches and evil powers. Night Gallery is a great example of really good horror TV-show, with elements of thriller, comedy and scientific fiction. This television program has thousands of fans all around the world. The plot of Night Gallery is extremely unusual and can impress even skeptical people.

        The host of this TV-show Rob Serling, who created several popular horror TV-shows before, thinks that Night Gallery his masterpiece. Every one-hour episode has a story of one painting the terrible and horrifying story that can change your worldview totally. Dark atmosphere of this amazing serial will bring you to another reality; this trip undoubtedly will be your favorite horror story. The basic idea of Night Gallery is that the viewer tours the gallery consisting of artwork from Tom Wright, and Sterling plays the guide of this night gallery. The suspense element lies in the paintings you will see in the gallery; each painting has his own story that we are going to watch.

Almost every story are truly earth shattering and spine chilling. The opening episode contains three stories, “The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes”, “Silent Snow, Secret Snow”, and “The Caterpillar”. However, overall most of the stories are excellent, but sometimes they can change you and harm your mind. There are quite a few stories that make you cry and even love; most of these are brief comedies such as Junior. It’s worth mentioning that the series is famous as Rod Serling’s Night Gallery; however, he didn’t have complete control over the creativity of the show as he had with the Twilight zone. You can watch this remarkable series containing some of the most memorable and breathtaking segments in the history of television by purchasing the Night Gallery complete DVD set. Buy Night Gallery for yourself, this item will make you shiver.

Buy Dark Gallery: the complete series DVD box set and you evenings became much interesting and scary. This TV-show is perfect choice for your rest, every episode will make your blood boil, and we promise you will like it. This amazing DVD collection consist of 3 unforgettable seasons, 99 uncut episodes on 11 DVDs. We hope you will be terrified.   



  1. The Cemetery

  2. Eyes

  3. The Escape Route


Season 1

  1. The Dead Man

  2. The Housekeeper

  3. Room with a View

  4. The Little Black Bag

  5. The Nature of the Enemy

  6. The House

  7. Certain Shadows on the Wall

  8. Make Me Laugh

  9. Clean Kills and Other Trophies

  10. Pamela's Voice

  11. Lone Survivor

  12. The Doll

  13. The Last Laurel

  14. They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar


Season 2

  1. The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes

  2. Miss Lovecraft Sent Me

  3. The Hand of Borgus Weems

  4. Phantom of What Opera?

  5. Death in the Family

  6. The Merciful

  7. Class of '99

  8. Witches' Feast

  9. Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay

  10. With Apologies to Mr. Hyde

  11. The Flip-Side of Satan

  12. A Fear of Spiders

  13. Junior

  14. Marmalade Wine

  15. The Academy

  16. The Phantom Farmhouse

  17. Silent Snow, Secret Snow

  18. A Question of Fear

  19. The Devil Is Not Mocked

  20. Midnight Never Ends

  21. Brenda

  22. The Diary

  23. A Matter of Semantics

  24. Big Surprise

  25. Professor Peabody's Last Lecture

  26. House - with Ghost

  27. A Midnight Visit to the Neighborhood Blood Bank

  28. Dr. Stringfellow's Rejuvenator

  29. Hell's Bells

  30. The Dark Boy

  31. Keep in Touch - We'll Think of Something

  32. Pickman's Model

  33. The Dear Departed

  34. An Act of Chivalry

  35. Cool Air

  36. Camera Obscura

  37. Quoth the Raven

  38. The Messiah on Mott Street

  39. The Painted Mirror

  40. The Different Ones

  41. Tell David...

  42. Logoda's Heads

  43. Green Fingers

  44. The Funeral

  45. The Tune in Dan's Cafe

  46. Lindemann's Catch

  47. The Late Mr. Peddington

  48. A Feast of Blood

  49. The Miracle at Camafeo

  50. The Ghost of Sorworth Place

  51. The Waiting Room

  52. Last Rites for a Dead Druid

  53. Deliveries in the Rear

  54. Stop Killing Me

  55. Dead Weight

  56. I'll Never Leave You - Ever

  57. There Aren't Anymore MacBanes

  58. You Can't Get Help like That Anymore

  59. The Sins of the Fathers

  60. The Caterpillar

  61. Satisfaction Guaranteed

  62. Little Girl Lost


Season 3

  1. The Return of the Sorcerer

  2. The Girl with the Hungry Eyes

  3. Fright Night

  4. Rare Objects

  5. Spectre in Tap-Shoes

  6. You Can Come Up Now, Mrs. Millikan

  7. Smile, Please

  8. The Other Way Out

  9. Finnegan's Flight

  10. She'll Be Company for You

  11. The Ring with the Red Velvet Ropes

  12. Something in the Woodwork

  13. Death on a Barge

  14. Whisper

  15. The Doll of Death

  16. Hatred unto Death

  17. How to Cure the Common Vampire

  18. Die Now, Pay Later

  19. Room for One Less

Complete series cast summary:

Rod Serling

Rod Serling - Himself


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