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The Drew Carey Show: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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Product Code: The Drew Carey Show: The Complete Series DVD Box Set
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The Drew Carey Show: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

  • Number Of Episodes: All Uncut Episodes

  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete Series, All 9 Seasons

  • Package: 25 DVD Box Set

  • Category: Comedy

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

  • Compartability: You should know that during the registration of your order we will check compatibility to your region and will send your order according to your region. Region 1 For shipment to North America, Region 2 For shipment to Europe and Region 4 For shipment to Australia / New Zeiland

  • Condition: Brand new & factory sealed

  • Years: 1995 - 2004


Running through from 1995 to 2004, the Drew Carey Show was one of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s undisputed favorite television shows.

Set over nine series, the show followed the humor-laden daily tribulations of Cary himself, who starred throughout the series as a fictionalized version of himself in his role as a director of personnel at a similarly fictional Cleveland department store.

Famous from the start as being a small time professional with few extracurricular interests other than beer and dating, Cary quickly became one of the most popular TV comedy characters of the late 1990’s.

Series Appeal & Highlights

From the start of The Drew Carey show in September 1995, through to the series finale in 2004, Carey led the show as a self-styled everyman. At the same time, Drew's enthusiasm for his alter ego was unbound, with Carey himself often stating that Drew Carey in the show was every bit of the person he would have been had he not entered showbusiness.

However, the success of The Drew Carey Show was dictated just as much by the show's supporting cast as it was Drew Carey himself. Acclaimed just as much from a comedic standpoint as Carey himself, was Drew’s department store co-worker  Mimi Bobeck. Mutually despising each other throughout the series, Mimi played by Kathy Kinney was renowned throughout for her preference for heavy makeup and the ongoing side story surrounding her marriage to Drew’s cross-dressing (but otherwise heterosexual) brother Steve.

In the meantime, the  most popular and character defining moments in The Drew Carey Show, always centered around the ‘gang’ of regular friends and coworkers who would follow Carey through his many trials and tribulations. Moreover, such tribulations could include everything from a crisis at Carey’s own garage ‘Buzz Beer’ microbrewery, to his just as entertaining romantic crises.

Storyline & Series Setting

Set for the first seven series in an around the Winfred-Lauder department store, The Drew Carey Show has audiences laughing from the start at a mixture of Carey’s ever tumultuous romantic conquests, coupled with on screen micro-dramas with his professional nemesis Mimi. However, as the shows reach broadened, the show's primary setting changed from Winfred-Lauder to the just as eclectic offices of The Neverending Store.

Defined for the most part by Drew’s love life, Carey himself was perhaps the most often married comedic character in history. Moreover, notable marriages in the show include Drew’s marriage to a Las Vegas cocktail waitress, Diane and British costarring character Mr. Wick. Thankfully, Drew does find lasting love in the show, however, this only comes after him already being labeled as Ohio’s first 'Impotent Bisexual Bigamist.'

Post Series Momentum & Character Development

Unlike other sitcoms, The Drew Carey Show solidified itself in the minds of viewers as an all-time favorite comedy, through several cameos of its leading stars in much later comedy series. Such cameos included the appearance of Mimi in 2009 at the start of The Today Show, as well as a later appearance by Carey and Mr. Wick in bed together on the last broadcast of The Today Show with Craig Ferguson.

The Drew Carey Show & the Complete Series DVD Box Set

Now available to own in its entirety on DVD, The Drew Carey Show can again be yours to enjoy over its full 9 seasons. This being the case, you can once again follow Drew and is entourage as they take the Chicago department store and microbrewery scene by storm, one laugh after the next

Season 1

  1. Pilot

  2. Miss Right

  3. The Joining of Two Unlike Elements is a Mixture

  4. Nature Abhors a Vacuum

  5. No Two Things in Nature are Exactly Alike

  6. Drew Meets Lawyers

  7. Drew in Court

  8. Lewis' Sister

  9. Drew and Mrs. Louder

  10. Science Names Suck

  11. The Electron Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree

  12. Isomers Have Distinct Characteristics

  13. Drew and the Unstable Element

  14. Drew and Mr. Bell's Nephew

  15. There is No Scientific Name for a Show About God

  16. Drew's New Assistant

  17. The Front

  18. Playing the Unified Field

  19. Atomic Cat Fight

  20. Drew and Kate and Kate's Mom

  21. Drew Gets Motivated

  22. Buzz Beer


Season 2

  1. We'll Remember Always, Evaluation Day

  2. Something Wick This Way Comes

  3. Break It Up, Break It Up

  4. The Bully You Know

  5. The Devil, You Say

  6. The Day the Music Died

  7. What the Zoning Inspector Saw

  8. Drew's the Other Man

  9. Mimi's Day Parade

  10. It's Your Party and I'll Crash If I Want To

  11. Lisa Gets Married

  12. They're Back

  13. Hello/Goodbye

  14. Drewstock

  15. Drew Blows His Promotion

  16. Check Out Drew's Old Flame

  17. See Drew Run

  18. Drew Gets Married

  19. Man's Best Same Sex Companion

  20. Two Drews and the Queen of Poland Walk into a Bar

  21. Cap-Beer-Cino

  22. Drew vs. Mimi, Part II

  23. Win a Date with Kate

  24. New York and Queens


Season 3

  1. Drew vs. Billboard

  2. Drew and the Singles Union

  3. Strange Bedfellows

  4. Misery Loves Mimi

  5. A Very, Very, Very Fine House

  6. Drew vs. the Pig

  7. Batmobile

  8. The Dog and Pony Show

  9. Drew's Brother

  10. That Thing You Don't

  11. Volunteer

  12. Vacation

  13. Howdy Neighbor

  14. He Harassed Me, He Harassed Me Not

  15. Mr. Louder's Birthday Party

  16. The Salon

  17. The Engagement

  18. Nicki's Parents

  19. Two Weddings and a Funeral for a Refrigerator

  20. The Bachelor Party

  21. The Sex Drug

  22. What's Wrong with This Episode? (1)

  23. The Rebound

  24. The Dating Consultant

  25. Drew's Cousin

  26. From the Earth to the Moon

  27. The Wedding Dress

  28. My Best Friend's Wedding


Season 4

  1. Drew and the Conspiracy

  2. In Ramada Da Vida

  3. Golden Boy

  4. Drew Between the Rock and a Hard Place

  5. Sexual Perversity in Cleveland

  6. Cain and Mabel

  7. Nicki's Wedding

  8. Drew's New Car

  9. The High Road to China

  10. Drew's Dance Party

  11. Kate's Family

  12. Drew Dates a Senior

  13. Drew's Holiday Punch

  14. A House Divided

  15. A House Reunited

  16. Rats, Kate's Dating a Wrestler

  17. Three Guys, a Girl and a B-Story

  18. Boy Party/Girl Party

  19. Tracy Bowl

  20. DrugCo

  21. Steve and Mimi

  22. What's Wrong with This Episode? (2)

  23. She's Gotta Have It

  24. Good Vibrations

  25. Do the Hustle

  26. Up on the Roof

  27. Brotherhood of Man


Season 5

  1. Y2K, You're Okay

  2. Drew Goes to the Browns' Game

  3. Drew and the Gang Law

  4. Drew's Reunion

  5. Drew's Physical

  6. Drew Tries to Kill Mimi

  7. Red, White and Drew

  8. Drew Live (1)

  9. Drew Cam

  10. Drew's Stomachache

  11. Steve and Mimi Get Married

  12. Drew and Kate's First Date

  13. Drew and the Racial Tension Play

  14. Kate Works for Drew

  15. Mimi Moves In

  16. Do Drew and Kate Have Sex?

  17. I Dishonestly Love You

  18. Drew Goes to Hell

  19. What's Wrong with This Episode? (3)

  20. The Gang Stops Drinking

  21. Oswald's Son

  22. Mr. Wick Returns

  23. Kate vs. Speedy

  24. Beer Ball

  25. Drew and Kate Boink

  26. A Very Special Drew


Season 6

  1. Drew Pops Something on Kate

  2. Be Drew to Your School

  3. Drew's Inheritance

  4. Mimi's a Partner

  5. Drew Live (2)

  6. The Pregnancy Scare

  7. Drew and the Trail Scouts

  8. Drew and Kate Become Friends

  9. Drew Can't Carey a Tune

  10. Buzzie Wuzzie Liked His Beer

  11. Fetal Attraction

  12. The Warsaw Closes

  13. Oswald's Dad Returns

  14. All Work and No Play (1)

  15. Drew's in a Coma (2)

  16. Drew and the Baby (3)

  17. Hush Little Baby

  18. Drew's Life After Death

  19. Drew and the Motorcycle

  20. Kate and Her New Boyfriend

  21. What's Wrong with This Episode? (4)

  22. The Easter Show

  23. Christening

  24. Drew and the Activist (1)

  25. Drew and the Activist (2)

  26. Bananas (1)

  27. Bananas (2)


Season 7

  1. Drew Carey's Back-to-School Rock 'n' Roll Comedy Hour (1)

  2. Drew Carey's Back-to-School Rock 'n' Roll Comedy Hour (2)

  3. Drew Gets Out of the Nuthouse

  4. Married to a Mob

  5. When Wives Collide

  6. Bus-ted

  7. It's Halloween, Dummy

  8. How Beulah Gets Her Groove Back

  9. Drew Live (3)

  10. Eat Drink Drew Woman

  11. Mr. Laffoon's Wild Ride

  12. Hotel Drew

  13. Drew and the King

  14. The Curse of the Mummy

  15. The Enabler

  16. Pretty Baby

  17. A Shot in the Dark

  18. It's a Dog Eat Drew World

  19. Bringing Up Boss (1)

  20. Daddy Dearest (2)

  21. Never Been to Spain

  22. O Brother, Who Art Thou?

  23. Rich Woman, Poor Man

  24. What Women Don't Want

  25. Look Mom, One Hand!

  26. The Eagle Has Landed

  27. The Underpants Guy


Season 8

  1. Revenge of the Doormat (1)

  2. Kate's Wedding (2)

  3. Eyes Wide Open

  4. Drew and the Life-Size Jim Thome Cut-Out

  5. Hickory Dickory...Double Date

  6. Mama Told Me I Should Come

  7. Family Affair

  8. Chemistry Schmemistry (1)

  9. The Dawn Patrol (2)

  10. Drew's Girl Friday

  11. Drew Tries Hot Salsa

  12. The Man in the Iron Chair

  13. Drew Takes a Guilt Trip

  14. Blecch Sunday

  15. Turkeyspotting

  16. Suddenly No Summer

  17. What's Love Got to Do With It?

  18. Two Girls for Every Boy

  19. Two Days of the Condo

  20. Lewis You Can Drive My Car

  21. A Speedy Recovery

  22. A Means to an End

  23. Drew Answers the Belle

  24. What Screams May Come

  25. Love is in the Air

  26. The Bataan Wedding March


Season 9

  1. Drew Hunts Silver Fox

  2. Eye of the Leopard

  3. Foos Rush In

  4. Drew Thinks Inside the Box

  5. At Your Cervix

  6. Sealed in a Kiss

  7. Baby Makes Stress

  8. Michigan J. Gus

  9. No Booze for Drew

  10. Drew's Best Friend

  11. Arrivederci, Italy

  12. House of the Rising Son-in-Law

  13. Dog Soup

  14. Asleep at the Wheel

  15. Baby Face

  16. Girlfriend, Interrupted

  17. Straight Eye for the Queer Guy

  18. Still Life with Freeloader

  19. Burning Down the House

  20. Liar, Liar, House on Fire

  21. Sleeping with the Enemy

  22. Assault with a Lovely Weapon

  23. Love, Sri Lankan Style

  24. Knot in the Mood

  25. The Passion of the Wick

  26. Finale

Series cast summary:

Drew Carey

Drew Carey - Drew Carey


Diedrich Bader

Diedrich Bader - Oswald Lee Harvey


Kathy Kinney

Kathy Kinney - Mimi Bobeck Carey


Ryan Stiles

Ryan Stiles - Lewis Kiniski


Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson - Nigel Wick


Christa Miller

Christa Miller - Kate O'Brien


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