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Transformers: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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Product Code: Transformers: The Complete Series on DVD
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Transformers. The Complete Cartoon Series DVD Collection

  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete 4 Seasons

  • Number Of Episodes: All 98 Uncut Episodes

  • Package: 14 DVD Box Set

  • Category: Animated Cartoon

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

  • Compartability: You should know that during the registration of your order we will check compatibility to your region and will send your order according to your region. Region 1,2 and 4 ONLY

  • Condition: Brand new & factory sealed

  • Years: 1984 -1987


This cartoon is example of great adventures TV-show for all ages. This cartoon is the father of great franchise of legendary “Transformers” movies. This TV-show about Cybertronian war of the Decepticons and the Autobots that do everything to win this battle, because of the domination on the Earth. The old-fashion battle of good and evil. Transformers it’s fascinating story for everyone.

The main hero from the good side is Optimus Prime; he is a very brave Autobot. He has a strong leadership character and strict moral code. His character is one of the most popular and interesting; Optimus is the leader of Autobots squad he is really good in making important decisions and military tactics. The most important antagonist of this TV-show is Megatron; he is very dangerous and smart enemy with great experience in military arts. Confrontation of this duo is very fascinating; their teams are unbelievably strong and trained.

This television show telling us about unusual aliens, which technically machines. These robots are very strong fighters with the intellect; resources on their native planet Cybertron are poor and limited. That’s why Megatron with the team of the Deceptionsstarted to search the new sources of energy in the universe and the Earth was the best variant from many planets in space. Because of it, Megatron decided to conquer our planet and people for him is not important. Autobots want to protect the Earth from evil powers and live with the humans in peace and kindness. Characters of this DVD box set are very entertaining and extraordinary, the very nice and funny Bumblebee, brave and hot-minded Cliffjumper and crazy and brilliant Wheeljack will make your evening unforgettable.

Transformers: The Complete Series DVD box set is the foundation of the brand new culture phenomenon. The movies franchise, several cartoon serials, computer games and army of toys and logs. Kids all around the world think that Transformers are the most cool characters and toys in the history. The army of fans, millions of cosplays, fan videos and websites.

Buy DVD collection of this terrific cartoon and you will be a part of this legendary TV-show. So many great episodes of this television program has everything that should have good cartoon wonderful animation, amazing plot and good soundtracks. Buy Transformers: The Complete Series DVD box set and you will get 4 seasons, 98 uncut episodes on 14 DVDs.

Season 1

  1. More Than Meets the Eye (1)

  2. More Than Meets the Eye (2)

  3. More Than Meets the Eye (3)

  4. Transport to Oblivion

  5. Roll for It

  6. Divide and Conquer

  7. S.O.S. Dinobots

  8. The Ultimate Doom (1)

  9. The Ultimate Doom (2)

  10. The Ultimate Doom (3)

  11. War of the Dinobots

  12. Countdown to Extinction

  13. Fire in the Sky

  14. Heavy Metal War

  15. Fire on the Mountain

  16. A Plague of Insecticons


Season 2

  1. Autobot Spike

  2. The Immobilizer

  3. Dinobot Island (1)

  4. Dinobot Island (2)

  5. Traitor

  6. Enter the Nightbird

  7. Changing Gears

  8. A Prime Problem

  9. Atlantis, Arise!

  10. Attack of the Autobots

  11. Microbots

  12. The Master Builder

  13. The Insecticon Syndrome

  14. Day of the Machines

  15. Megatron's Master Plan (1)

  16. Megatron's Master Plan (2)

  17. Auto Berserk

  18. City of Steel

  19. Desertion of the Dinobots (1)

  20. Desertion of the Dinobots (2)

  21. Blaster Blues

  22. A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court

  23. The God Gambit

  24. The Core

  25. Make Tracks

  26. The Autobot Run

  27. The Golden Lagoon

  28. Quest for Survival

  29. The Secret of Omega Supreme

  30. Child's Play

  31. The Gambler

  32. The Search for Alpha Trion

  33. Auto-Bop

  34. Prime Target

  35. The Girl Who Loved Powerglide

  36. Triple Takeover

  37. Sea Change

  38. Hoist Goes Hollywood

  39. The Key to Vector Sigma (1)

  40. The Key to Vector Sigma (2)

  41. Masquerade

  42. Trans-Europe Express

  43. War Dawn

  44. Cosmic Rust

  45. Kremzeek!

  46. Starscream's Brigade

  47. Revenge of Bruticus

  48. Aerial Assault

  49. B.O.T.


Season 3

  1. The Five Faces of Darkness (1)

  2. The Five Faces of Darkness (2)

  3. The Five Faces of Darkness (3)

  4. The Five Faces of Darkness (4)

  5. The Five Faces of Darkness (5)

  6. The Killing Jar

  7. Chaos

  8. Dark Awakening

  9. Starscream's Ghost

  10. Thief in the Night

  11. Forever Is a Long Time Coming

  12. Surprise Party

  13. Madman's Paradise

  14. Carnage in C-Minor

  15. Fight or Flee

  16. Webworld

  17. Ghost in the Machine

  18. The Dweller in the Depths

  19. Nightmare Planet

  20. The Ultimate Weapon

  21. The Quintesson Journal

  22. The Big Broadcast of 2006

  23. Only Human

  24. Grimlock's New Brain

  25. Money Is Everything

  26. Call of the Primitives

  27. The Burden Hardest to Bear

  28. The Face of Nijika

  29. The Return of Optimus Prime (1)

  30. The Return of Optimus Prime (2)


Season 4

  1. The Rebirth (1)

  2. The Rebirth (2)

  3. The Rebirth (3)

Series cast summary:

Frank Welker

Frank Welker - Megatron


Peter Cullen

Peter Cullen - Optimus Prime


Corey Burton

Corey Burton - Spike Witwicky


Christopher Collins

Christopher Collins - Starscream


John Stephenson

John Stephenson - Thundercracker


Jack Angel

Jack Angel - Ultra Magnus


Dan Gilvezan

Dan Gilvezan - Bumblebee


Michael Bell

Michael Bell - Prowl


Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem - Teletraan I


Don Messick

Don Messick - Ratchet


Neil Ross

Neil Ross - Springer


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