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TV Shows DvD Set was established in 1989 by Mr. David Brown from a single store in camp street, Copenhagen. Mr Brown started this store with a simple philosophy of delivering a wide array of video media from all possible formats at the lowest price possible to the movie lovers. In 2007, due to the emergence of internet, David shifted the operations of TV Shows DvD Set online to reach more movie fanatics. With complete dedication and hard work, David and his team managed to get TV Shows DvD Set into the list of some of the best online DVD merchants. 

TV Shows DvD Set has a history of supplying the finest services for the best prices. We offer a wide range of titles which includes everything from Fresh releases to popular television shows on DVD and Blu-Rays.

We guarantee a regularly updated website .Our team constantly works on updating the website with images, DVD info, specific deals as well as other details. TV Shows DvD Set also prefer to keep you up to date of any upcoming releases to enable you to purchase any new titles prior to the launch date.

Everyday our company offers  discount prices and a collection of items that are incomparable.


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