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Grizzly Adams: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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Product Code: Grizzly Adams Complete Series DVD Box Set
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Grizzly Adams: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete 2 Seasons

  • Number Of Episodes: All 39 Uncut Episodes

  • Package: 9 DVD Box Set

  • Category: Adventure

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

  • Compartability: You should know that during the registration of your order we will check compatibility to your region and will send your order according to your region. Region 1 For shipment to North America, Region 2 For shipment to Europe and Region 4 For shipment to Australia / New Zeiland

  • Condition: Brand new & factory sealed

  • Years: 1977 - 1978


        This extraordinary show telling us about beauty of nature and life that you can have if live like the first humans. The main character is very interesting and unusual person that does everything to survive into the wood with wild animals. James “Grizzly” Adams is unique phenomenon of modern society.

        The story started when our main hero was blamed in murder. He does not kill anyone, he doesn’t do anything wrong, but his life is ruined and now he should hide. This brave man decided to go into the wood and mountains and build his life from the new sheet. Grizzly Adams is lonely and desperate in wild nature without friends, relatives and normal life, but these difficulties will not stop him. This just a start of one of the greatest adventures in American history. Grizzly is very funny and smart person, also he is a good hunter with the plan of actions.

        Once when this valiant hunter was trying to catch something for dinner he found a little orphaned Grizzly bear and this moment changed everything. He adopted this little cute one and named Ben. While Ben growing up to his huge size, he became a real friend for James. That duo is one of the best in American’s TV-show history. Adventures of Ben and Grizzly Adams have millions of fans all around the world; these best friends are the funniest characters in 70’s. Very sweet and warm relationship between bear and human made the creators of this DVD box set very popular and rich people. Every single episode of this TV-show is fascinating and extraordinary with very small budget and without support of powerful people; producers and screenwriters got a huge benefit, this TV-show grossed more than $45 million.

        Buy Grizzly Adams and every episode of this magnificent DVD collection will be yours. The hours of this really classical TV-show make your evening, holidays and even workdays unforgettable. Amazing cast of Grizzly Adams impressive and talented, Dan Haggerty presented the main character, but in scenes with the bear, he has a double very talented and brave Gene Edwards. One of the main figures in this show of course was a real grizzly bear Bozo, this amazing wild animal show us all beauty and intelligence of this species. Grizzly Adams was broadcast during several years on NBC channel. Soundtrack of this TV-show “Maybe” won Germany’s Goldene Europe and was a leading song in several europium charts.

        Buy Grizzly Adams: The Complete Series DVD Box Set and you will get entire 2 seasons, 38 episodes on 9 DVDs. You will love it, we promise you.


  1. Stargate


Season 1

  1. Adam's Cub

  2. Blood Brothers

  3. The Fugitive

  4. Unwelcome Neighbor

  5. Howdy-Do, I'm Mad Jack

  6. Adam's Ark

  7. The Redemption of Ben

  8. The Tenderfoot

  9. The Rivals

  10. The Unholy Beast

  11. Beaver Dam

  12. Home of the Hawk

  13. The Storm


Season 2

  1. Hot Air Hero

  2. Survival

  3. A Bear's Life

  4. The Trial

  5. The Orphans

  6. The Search

  7. Gold Is Where You Find It

  8. Track of the Cougar

  9. The Choice

  10. Woman in the Wilderness

  11. The Spoilers

  12. Marvin the Magnificent

  13. A Time of Thirsting

  14. The Seekers

  15. A Gentleman Tinker

  16. The Runaway

  17. The Great Burro Race

  18. The Littlest Greenhorn

  19. The Renewal (90 min)

  20. The Stranger

  21. The Quest

  22. The Skyrider

  23. The World's Greatest Bounty Hunter

  24. Once Upon a Starry Night (90 min)

Complete series cast summary:

Dan Haggerty

Dan Haggerty - James 'Grizzly' Adams


Denver Pyle

Denver Pyle - Mad Jack


Bozo the Bear

Bozo the Bear - Ben, the Bear


Don Shanks

Don Shanks - Nakoma


Number Seven

Number Seven - Burro



Joshua - Raccoon


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