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Yes, Dear: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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Yes, Dear: Complete DVD set

  • Number Of Seasons: 6 seasons

  • Number Of Episodes: 122 Uncut Episodes

  • Category: Comedy, Sitcom

  • Package: 12 DVD Set

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

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  • Condition: Brand new & sealed

  • Years: 2000 - 2006


    What do you know about parenting? What do you know about kids? Whatever your answer is, this show is for you. “Yes, dear” a very sweet and funny TV-show for all family. Kind characters and many interesting situations can make your evenings unbelievably good. Every episode of this TV-show is full of humor, heart-warming moments and wise life lessons. This comedy for everyday watch and everyday pleasure. This story about young family and kids, this story about life, this story about everyone.

    Kim and Greg Warner just have their first baby and do everything possible to his son Sammy. Greg has a successful career of motion picture executive and his wife is stay-at-home mother. Their family was almost perfect, before the moment when Kim’s sister with her family knocking at Warner’s door. Christine Hughes and her husband Jimmy have two sons and no place for living. That’s why they ask for help from Kim and Greg, and started to live in Warner’s guesthouse.

    This TV-show telling us about two absolutely different families. Each has his own history rules and weirdness. But now they should be a one big family with the one history and traditions. They should to learn how to live together and raise kids. The best things in this sitcom are wonderful and extraordinary characters, really funny jokes and ridiculous situations. The phrase “Yes, Dear” became so popular and well-known, that you can find T-shirt, caps and many other things with this logo. This family TV-show is the best choice for people who like good comedies with the deep meaning.

    Kim is so hysterical and nervous young mother, who has no idea what to do with her little son her husband tries so hard to make his wife to be more positive and confident. Her older sister Christine is very simple mother of two kids and thinks that her sister is too serious about kids and upbringing. Her husband Jimmy is unconcerned and unemployed man with good sense of humor and bad manners. This four people have different way of thinking and life values. However, they have love to each other and to their kids.

Buy Yes, Dear DVD box set and you will get a brand new DVD collection with hilarious comedy. Hours of good TV-show and days of good jokes. This will be perfect present for all your friends and relatives. The best choice for every generation and gender.

Yes, Dear DVD collection consist of 6 seasons, 122 episodes in perfect quality. Every single episode is masterpiece of comedy genre.  



Season 1

  1. Pilot

  2. Weaning Isn't Everything

  3. The Good Couple

  4. You Wanna?

  5. Father-in-Law

  6. Greg's Big Day

  7. Look Who's Not Talking

  8. Jimmy Gets a Job

  9. Arm-prins

  10. Talk Time

  11. All I Want for Christmas Is My Dead Uncle's Cash (a.k.a. Silent Night, Holy Crap)

  12. Where There's a Will, There's a Waiver

  13. Jimmy's Jimmy

  14. Kiss and Yell

  15. The Big Snip

  16. Moon over Kindergarten

  17. Doctor, Doctor

  18. Greg: Don't Leave Home Without Him

  19. The Daddies Group

  20. Mr. Fix It

  21. Kim Just Wants to Have Fun

  22. No Room to Spare

  23. Worst in Show

  24. Jimmy and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Boat


Season 2

  1. Who's on First

  2. Christine's Journey

  3. Guarding Greg

  4. Baby Fight Club

  5. The Ticket

  6. Halloween

  7. The Good Dad

  8. Kentucky Top Hat

  9. Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner

  10. Are We There Yet?

  11. A Complicated Plot (a.k.a. Complicated Plot)

  12. One Fish, Two Fish, Dead Fish, Blue Fish

  13. You're Out... of Dreams

  14. Favorite Son

  15. Walk Like a Man

  16. Greg's New Friend

  17. Room for Improvement

  18. Johnny Ampleseed

  19. Dances with Couch

  20. Greg's Promotion

  21. The Ring

  22. Jimmy's Got Balls

  23. Vegas Vacation

  24. Making Baby


Season 3

  1. Spanks, but no Spanks

  2. Nitpicking

  3. Sammy's Independence Day

  4. House of the Rising Son

  5. Kim's New Nanny

  6. Mr. Big Shot

  7. Wife Swapping

  8. Make Every Second Count (a.k.a. Sloppy Seconds)

  9. Jimmy Saves the Day

  10. We're Having a Baby

  11. Home Is Where the Heart Isn't

  12. Trophy Husband

  13. Space Jam

  14. Let's Get Jaggy with It

  15. House of Cards

  16. Hustlin' Hughes

  17. Flirtin' with Disaster

  18. Savitsky's Beach House

  19. March Madness

  20. Good Squirrel Hunting

  21. Jimmy's Dumb

  22. Sorority Girl

  23. Savitsky's Tennis Club

  24. When Jimmy Met Greggy


Season 4

  1. Natural Born Delinquents

  2. Hooked on Comics

  3. Spare Parts

  4. Speed Dating

  5. Big Brother-in-Law

  6. Dominic's Buddy

  7. Legoland

  8. The Day of the Dolphin

  9. Jimmy and Chuck

  10. A Bunch of Ice Holes

  11. Pimpin' Ain't Easy

  12. Who Done It?

  13. Greg Needs a Friend

  14. Big Jimmy Babysits

  15. Mama Said Knock You Out

  16. Dead Aunt, Dead Aunt...

  17. Greg and Jimmy's Criminals

  18. The Owner's Suite

  19. The Premiere

  20. Kim and Gordon

  21. A List Before Dying

  22. Couples Therapy

  23. Shirley Cooks with Love

  24. Living with Savitsky


Season 5

  1. I Wish That I Had Sammy's Girl

  2. Jimmy Has Changed

  3. Headshot

  4. High School Reunion

  5. Greg's New Assistant

  6. Won't Ask, Won't Tell

  7. The New Neighbors

  8. Tree Hugger

  9. Senior Olympics

  10. A Little Breathing Room

  11. Broken by the Mold


Season 6

  1. The Radford Reshuffle

  2. Greg's a Mooch

  3. Dominic's First Date

  4. On Your Marks, Get Set, Mow

  5. Barbecue

  6. Jimmy from the Block

  7. Baby, Baby Not

  8. Jimmy the Teacher

  9. Marital Aid

  10. Jimmy Sponsors a Vacation

  11. Christine The Spy

  12. Quitters Never Dance

  13. The Guinness World Record

  14. The Limo

  15. Should I Bring A Jacket?

Series cast summary:

Anthony Clark

Anthony Clark - Gregory Thomas 'Greg' Warner


Liza Snyder

Liza Snyder - Christine Hughes


Jean Louisa Kelly

Jean Louisa Kelly - Kim Warner


Mike O'Malley

Mike O'Malley - Jimmy Hughes


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